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Come Home to Light: Why Landscape Lighting is so Important

A client once said to me that her outdoor lighting is something she can't go without. I felt this was a bold statement, landscape lighting can't be that important to our clients, considering so many of us have lived without landscape lighting for most of our lives. 

I didn't understand what she meant until she explained further that her lighting wasn't something she truly acknowledged until it was gone:

"I honestly didn't appreciate our lighting until I came home and the power was out. It was like coming home to a stranger's house. I didn't realize how much I needed my lighting until it was gone."

What is it about landscape lighting that makes such a difference in our lives?


Coming Home To Light

Low voltage landscape lighting does more than simply illuminate our properties at night. Proper lighting provides us with a real sense of serenity. Light creates an inviting  warmth, a sense of beauty and ambiance, and a feeling of security.

Return To An Inviting Home

Returning to a beautifully lit home after a long day really does make a difference in our evenings. Transforming the dark and ominous into the friendly and familiar is the subtle magic landscape lighting casts on our homes at night.


Even if something as simple as a warmly lit entryway can make all the difference for us and our guests when we arrive home. 

Ambiance For Interior Spaces

A beautifully lit patio and landscape are wonderful for functional use with friends and family outside. However, don't only think about how outdoor lighting effects  life when we're outside. Ninety percent of the time, landscape lighting is enjoyed from inside the home. 

When our landscapes are beautifully cast in soft ambient light, our dark windows are transformed into living portraits.

Lighting the landscape, even minimally, allows our eye to move from one accented object to the next, rather than focus on the dark pane of glass.


The image above demonstrates how adding a layer of light to our outdoor setting can actually enlarge our perception of an interior space. Even when that space is a small dinning room like this one. 

Feeling of Security

In addition to making our visual space feel more complete, low voltage landscape lighting also heightens our sense of security. 

When we light the perimeter of our landscape with different layers of light, it will actually help to enhance our sense of privacy and seclusion by lending us greater visual control over our surroundings. 

The trees and vegetation in the above landscape are lit to lend depth to the composition as a whole and a sense that the patio at the end of the path is part of a greater order, rather than the bounding edge.tree-and-pathway-lighting-sandy-utah

Creating a continuous luminous plane doesn't only cast a beautiful setting, it also makes our homes feel safe and secure.

Life Without Light

My client's comment about her inability to sit for an evening without her landscape lighting rings true: lighting is something difficult to live without once you've experienced it.

Conceptually, outdoor lighting is no different from a smart phone. They both add a certain kind of ease to the way we live. Sure, we remember what life was like before smart phones, but now that our eyes have been open to how much they do for us, its hard to imagine going back to a time of yellow pages and snail mail. 

Similarly, once we've experienced our home's in the right light, its hard to imagine ever going back to the dark.

LLP_Rosie-186-HDR-Pano (1)

Landscape Lighting Makes All The Difference

At Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, the art of outdoor illumination is a real passion we work to perfect. Designing elegantly bespoke landscape lighting systems is simply all we do. For over 15 years, our award winning team of designers and craftsmen have striven to bring the best outdoor lighting experience possible to people's homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front & beyond. 

Located in Midvale, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah installs, maintains, and repairs lighting systems throughout Utah's residential areas, including Salt Lake City, Park City, Draper, Davis, and Utah Counties.

If you have an upcoming project you'd like help with, call (801)440-7647 for more information, schedule a free consultation, or feel free to simply fill out a contact form on our website,

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