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Lighting Must Haves for Your Pool Area Before Opening Day

Opening day for your pool is an exciting one. It means summer and warm weather has finally arrived. Gathering with friends and family to enjoy the warm days and nights around the pool is something we all can look forward to.

Enjoying the warm nights is tough without the proper lighting, however. Before opening day gets here, we wanted to give you lighting ideas to enhance the entire pool area. 

Here are 5 areas to light before your pool’s opening day! 

1. Pool deck lights 


Pool decks can often see far more traffic than the pool itself! The best way to bring both beauty and safety to any pool deck is by adding lighting. Since it is such a high traffic area, we want to make sure we are lighting it in a way that allows night swimmers to avoid tripping and falling…especially falling into the pool unintentionally! 

There are many lighting techniques that bring that much needed light to a pool deck. For this type of high active area however, we suggest in-ground lighting fixtures as opposed to above-ground. The reason for this is because with in-ground lighting you don’t have to worry about a fixture sticking out of the ground and becoming a hazard for you or your guests when running around the pool deck. 


Another great technique that helps avoid a fixture being tripped over is to use the moonlighting effect for the pool deck. This technique is great for pools that have large trees or architecture near the pool deck. A downlight fixture is mounted high up in those tree or directly to the nearby architecture to cast a light downward, creating a very natural moonlit feel to the pool area!

2. Pergola lights 


If there is a pergola in your pool area, there are a few ways to bring light to the structure. The first is adding bistros up in the beams of the pergola. Bistros, or string lights, are the perfect way to add a festive atmosphere to your pool area. They also provide much needed functionality lighting for those night swimmers! 

A great way to illuminate a steel pergola is to use a recessed lighting technique! This technique allows the fixture to be recessed directly up into the beams of the steel pergola to make a seamless look during the day. At night, these lights shine down to allows those night swimmers the visual help needed in the dark! 

3. Path lights 


Path lights are extremely important around a pool area. They provide a level of safety that is needed when near a pool at night. Lighting the path to and from the pool deck allows both you and guests to see exactly where you are going when heading out to the pool. 

Path lights are those mushroom shaped landscape lights that cast light downward. Installed along a path, stairs, or sidewalk is a simple and effect way to easily guide you and guests safely to and from the pool. If you have steps in your pool area, a path light will cast a light directly onto the step helping to avoid tripping and falling down the stairs; especially for guests who are unfamiliar with your pool area. 

4. Tiki lights 


Tiki torches are such a fun addition to any pool area. They bring that paradise feel to your backyard while at the same time adding task lighting to the area. A high-end tiki torch that you get from an outdoor lighting professional are much different than those you find at a big box store. 

High-end tiki torches from a landscape lighting professional are designed to not only have the flame on top, but they also have a light under the tiki to bring functionality to the space below the torch. This helps to illuminate the walk below the tiki to ensure safety and ease when around the pool at night. 

5. Light the landscape 


One of the best ways to light your pool area is to accent the landscape surrounding the pool. When you light the landscaping near the pool area, it creates this beautiful, resort style feel to your backyard. 

Adding subtle up-lights lights to the trees, plants, and any other landscape features also adds a safety element you didn’t know you wanted or needed. When your trees and plants are lit, it gives you ability to see those spaces of your yard that turn into a blackhole come dark. A well-lit property is the biggest deterrent to trespassers and illuminating the landscape is a great way to bring light. 

Are you ready to light your pool area?

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