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Lighting Must Haves for your Pool: Going Beyond the Pool Interior

When we think about lighting our pools, our minds tend to go straight to lights inside of the pool or spa and not the surrounding pool deck or sitting areas.


While the interior pool lights do shed light outside the pool, there are many other areas to light that bring life to your backyard and give it a resort style feel. 


Here are our top 3 lighting techniques that we think every pool needs: 

1. Pool deck


Pool decks see more traffic than the pool itself sometimes. From walking to and from the house to the pool, to just trying to find a seat, it is important to be able to see where you are going. This is especially true for guests that don’t know your backyard the way that you do.

With this type of high activity, we suggest in-ground lights as opposed to above-ground lights. The reason for this is because with in-ground lights you don’t have to worry about any light sticking out of the ground and becoming a hazard for you or your guests.

2. Landscape


One of the best ways to light your pool area is to accent the landscape surrounding the pool. Adding subtle up-lights lights to the trees, plants, and any other landscape features is one of the best ways to turn your backyard in to a resort.

Lighting the landscape of your property also adds a safety element you never knew you wanted. When your trees and plants are lit, it gives you ability to see those spaces of your yard that turn into a blackhole come dark.

3. Structures

Another great way to bring a resort type feel to your backyard is to light the structures of your backyard. There are tons of lighting options for structures!

We can add lights to your grilling area, bistro lighting for a festive atmosphere in a pergola, lighting for countertops in an outdoor kitchen, or moonlighting from high above to illuminate eating areas.

Whether you have a pergola, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or a cabana adding lights to these spaces allows you to use them well into the night!

Want to bring the resort feel to your pool area?

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