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Water Feature Lighting: Creating an Escape

Water features bring a peaceful feel to your landscape. Unfortunately, these can only truly be enjoyed during the day without proper lighting.

Lighting any type of water feature creates an ambiance that can’t be matched! When you add lighting to your ponds, waterfalls, or fountains, it can bring a relaxing and tranquil feel to your yard. As the water moves across the lights, it embodies the same experience as a fire dancing in the wind.

Here are 3 ideas to bring life to your water features at night!

1. Underwater Fixtures

Underwater fixtures are ideal because they allow a light to be placed in locations that other fixtures cannot. Having the ability to place a light under the water opens the door to a whole world of design ideas. From emphasizing waterfalls, to brightening a pond, underwater fixtures can transform your landscape.


2. Lighting Surrounding Features

Lighting key features outside or around your water features in the right way will enhance your water feature in a simple, yet beautiful way. Whether it’s a Japanese Maple, a Weeping Cherry or a statue, lighting these features around your pond or waterfall will help serve as a beautiful accent to any pond, waterfall, or fountain! 


3. Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is a landscape lighting effect where a directional down-light is used to create the illusion of moonlight. Mounting a fixture in a tall tree and using it to cast a soft, pale light over water features and other elements can add a natural, serene feel to the scene.



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