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Lighting Zone Control- Versatility for your Landscape Lighting System

Your landscape lighting system is controlled on the macro level by your power transformer which can be time set, photo cell controlled or astronomically controlled.  Typically, your lighting system will come on at dusk and then turned off at a designated time like midnight.

This timetable has been a standard for low voltage lighting systems. There is an additional system to add versatility to your lighting system which can be remotely controlled. This is called a zone controlled system. This system can control individual sectors of your lighting system with dimming, eliminating sectors or controlling individual lights.

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Zone controlled systems are relatively new to the lighting industry. It adds versatility to your lighting system.  It can be retrofitted to your already existing lighting system or be an integral part of an Outdoor Lighting Plan you are considering to install on your property.  Zone features in an outdoor lighting system can be controlled for enhancing lighting, eliminating or reducing sections and individual lights.  Such features that can be considered for this versatility with zone controlled lighting are as follows:

  • Pergolas- Another very popular feature area in your landscaped yard is a pergola.  This feature can be lit by several types of light fixtures that enhance the structure.  Down lights are a popular light for pergolas.  These lights can be adjusted while guests use this feature for a quiet and relaxing retreat.
  • Fire Pit Area- Evenings where the fire pit is not active or in use by family and guests full lighting enhances a very popular feature in your yard.  But when the fire pit is in use and campfire songs arise eliminating some or all of the lights for this sector enhances the fire similar to a camping fire scene.
  • Security Lighting- Throughout the night time hours when all is quiet and your family is resting peacefully inside your home, security lighting may be increased or adjusted for individual needs with optional intensity.  
  • Water Features- Whether it is a pond, stream or water fall, you can have the versatility to enhance, reduce or eliminate lighting elements for various affects.  Reducing reflections off the surface of the water, adding depth to a waterfall with back lights or submerged lights in a stream bed for affect can bring energy to that water feature.
  • Putting Green- While using this area, the need for lighting is essential.  But, when it is not in use, the lighting can be reduced or eliminated.  
  • Overall System Control- Many are enjoying their lighting at full illumination from sunset to 10:30 and then dimming their LED lighting systems to 50% throughout the night until sunrise for added security and piece of mind. 


These examples are only a few features that can be utilized with zone controlled lighting enhancements.  Beyond the versatility of zone lighting control to entertain your family and guests, there is also the reduction of energy usage.  Reducing costs, as well as the issue of sustainability, are addressed here.

Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has installed or retrofitted zone controlled lighting for many Utah landscape lighting home owners and are up to the moment in knowledge of this relatively new lighting technique in the landscape lighting industry.  You can be confident that they will design, install and service the zone control lighting system in your overall landscape lighting desires and meet your expectations. 

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