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Modern Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting (Inspirational Images)

Pulling up to a dark and ominous home at night can be anything but charming. Adding curb appeal to your home in the evening can be achieved with beautiful landscape lighting. In this post, we share how this modern home was transformed in the evening with a subtle detail: landscape lighting. 

Architectural lighting

One of the most distinctive details of this Utah home is the architecture. The large rounded windows, wood shake siding, and tall peaks supported by facade dovetails really makes this home a standout. Capturing these details in the evening was a must.

Accenting the architecture with soft wash lighting helped to capture these beautiful architectural elements. 




In addition to improved curb appeal, architectural lighting also doubles as a great deterrence to trespassers. 

Don't forget that beautiful lighting also acts as an effective form of security lighting. Illuminating your home's architecture, especially around the garage and entryways, will make your home feel safer. 

The back yard

Casting different moments of light across the front of your home can do wonders for your curb appeal, but don't neglect the rest of your home. 


The beauty of landscape lighting isn't limited to any one side of your home. Make your patio or pool deck feel like a resort.

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Do you have an outdoor kitchen or spaces for entertaining? There are numerous ways landscape lighting can extend your outdoor living space into the evening hours. 

Pathways and trip hazards

At night, one of the biggest dangers can be not seeing where you are going. This is especially true for your guests who are unfamiliar with the walkways and elevation changes around your property.



Path lights are a wonderful remedy to this problem. Whether its the pathway leading up to the front door or backyard fire pit, path lights will help you and your guests reach the destination safely. 

Pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos

Outdoor structures offer a wonderful solution for beating the heat in the summer time. But they can also be great for night time relaxation. This is where lighting becomes key. Illuminating your outdoor pergola can not only extend it's functional use into the evening, but also create a dramatic scene. 



We light the front of our home's for everyone else, but the back yard we light for us and our own enjoyment. 

We all know that adding curb appeal to our homes isn't about showing off. Sure, knowing that our neighbors are envious of all the hard work we've put into our homes can feel pretty darn good. But we don't do it for them, we do it for us. 

Our home is our place of refuge and retreat from the rest of the world. We take care of our homes because they take care of us and our well being. 


Does your home need some curb appeal?

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