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Moonlighting: The Secret Ingredient in Your Utah Landscape Lighting

 Moonlighting with Tree Mounted Down Lights, Sandy Utah 

A few evenings ago we sat out on our back deck and watched the full moon rise over the Wasatch Front Range spreading moonlight over the Salt Lake Valley. That light emitted a soft glow on all the landscape features in the yard. To our pleasant surprise we noticed how this actually enhanced our existing lighting system.

A mystic quality was created throughout the landscape and we realized how effective carefully placed landscape lighting fixtures could be. They can provide a beautiful backdrop that actually enhances our landscape/hardscape lighting and produces a depth of field to our nightscape experience.

The facsimile of natural moonlight is created by positioning an appropriate down light high above the lawn/garden area and diffusing that light down through your tree canopy. This creates soft shadowing patterns and a low level of even ambient illumination throughout your landscaped property. Balancing the moon lighting being generated from above is a delicate integration with the multitude of light fixtures being utilized to light individual garden features and pathways. If you are considering this design integration in your utah landscape lighting project, you may want to consider collaborating with a landscape lighting expert.

Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has the experience and expertise as shown with their recognition by the AOLP (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals).   Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has been recognized by the AOLP who has awarded them with Best Residential Lighting Award, Best of Show Award, Award of Excellence and The Janet Lennox Moyer Award. The industry recognizes the quality of their expertise in the field of landscape lighting. You can feel like you are in capable, experienced and up to the moment technological knowledge to work with you on this all important landscape lighting project.

Down lighting fixtures work proficiently from high stable tree limbs. When trees are unavailable or exist in other areas of your property you can utilize eves of your home, trellises in your garden or pergolas in the yard area. There are three landscape lighting techniques that add depth and softness to your nightscape enchantment:

  •  Down Lighting- There is an array of fixtures in this category that create the moon light experience from above. Your overall plan will determine what fixture category will work for you.                                                                                              
  •  Silhouetting- Wall light fixtures create an indirect (diffused) light by installing them discreetly facing a hard surface like parameter walls and other structures.
  • Shadowing- Specialty lights placed behind features like trees, rocks, works of art and topiary structures. The resulting shadows will create depth, intrigue and serenity all at once.

You can have access to 365 evenings a year of full moon light enhancements for your nightscape enjoyment. Having professional expertise to artfully integrate your overall landscape/hardscape lighting design is a bonus that you will able to share with your family and friends. Moon Lighting will be a subtle but very important upgrade to your overall outdoor experience. Light up your night and feel safe and secure in your own outdoor surroundings.


Located in Sandy, Utah we also serve residential properties in Salt Lake City, Park City, Draper, Holladay, and Provo.  Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has a portfolio of outdoor lighting projects throughout Salt Lake, Davis, Utah and Summit Counties.  This landscape lighting blog is published by Keith Rosser of Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, LLC.  All rights reserved.  Duplication of blogs is not permitted without explicit permission. 

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