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Our Favorite String Lights for a Beautiful Back Patio

String lights can make all the difference for a night out on the patio with friends and family. In this post, we discuss string lights and our favorite ways they can be used in your outdoor space.

What exactly are string lights?

String lights can go by many names. Bistro lights, cafe lights, and festoon lights are all essentially the same. String lights have become exceptionally popular over the last few years. Why? These lights don't just look pleasing to the eye, they also double as a great functional light source. String lights above the patio at night can turn a regular night into something magical. 

Normal Practice

Holladay Patio Lighting

Traditionally, string lights are suspended up above an outdoor living space to illuminate the area below for all those enjoying gathered to enjoy the night. Using anchor points to attach the lights to nearby trees, the architecture of the home, or even fabricated posts around the space, can allow for the stands to be arranged in different patterns. 

V shapes, Zigzags, diamonds, and straight lines are all popular patterns used quite often. 

Creating Festive Atmosphere

One of the advantages of string lights is the sense of atmosphere they create. They inspire a sense of occasion.

If you enjoy entertaining guests and putting on a great party, string lights are the perfect solution for your patio soiree.

Keeping it Intimate

For more intimate nights out on the patio, consider adding some kind of dimmer control. The ability to dim your string lights will allow you to set the tone for the night. You can either turn up the volume for entertainment purposes, or dim down the light for a romantic evening for two. With a dimmer control you have the power to make the night whatever you want it to be.

Cafe Lights Draper Utah

Think Outside the Patio!

If creating a beautiful atmosphere for you and your guests is the goal, then why stop at string lights? Low voltage landscape lighting is great creating a beautiful backdrop for you and your guests. Think outside the patio! Accenting different trees and landscape features with splashes of light adds depth and dimension to your outdoor living space.

In Conclusion

Illuminating your patio with elegant string lighting will add atmosphere and class to your space for outdoor entertaining. Elevating the beauty and use you get out of your patio can be as simple as adding string lights. If your looking to really take your outdoor living to the next level, then seriously consider also adding landscape lighting. 

Landscape Lighting Makes All the Difference

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