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Our Top 3 Outdoor Security Lighting Ideas to Keep Your Home Safe

In today's world, heightening your home's security is critical. At night, outdoor security lighting is one of the most effective deterrents for keeping  trespassers at bay.

Here are our top 3 forms of security lighting for keeping your home safe, secure, and beautiful.

 1) Architectural Lighting

A splash of warm light on your home's architecture does more than just make your property look beautiful. The visual weight of a well lit home can intimidate those would be trespassers looking for vulnerability in your home's night time defenses.

A common mistake in security lighting is to only think about what your security lighting shows you (the homeowner) looking from the inside out.


However, let's try and think about security lighting differently. Consider how, from the street, a well lit home creates a luminous ring of security against those looking from the street. 

When a trespasser takes in a well lit property, there is one thing they'll definitely see: risk. For a trespasser, a beautifully illuminated exterior is viewed as a risk because it means there are no dark corners or places for them to hide.

Remember, your security lighting's ultimate goal is to dissuade a trespasser from entering your property before they ever view it as a possible target with easy vulnerabilities.

While the aim isn't to deflect crime towards the rest of the neighborhood, trespassers do prefer easier targets that pose less risk. The darker home a few neighborhoods over will seem far more enticing to them your well lit abode.

 2) Path Lighting and Tree Lighting

Security solutions can present themselves in unexpected ways. Let's take the path light, for example. 

Illuminating pathways and steps around your home doesn't just help you maneuver your property safely at night. In addition to providing functional task light for you to see by, path lights also help to protect you from intruders.

For example, take a look at the image below. You can clearly see the property without a giant spot light. Effective security lighting needn't sacrifice beauty for function.


Like we mentioned before, trespassers prefer an environment where they can wonder with little risk of detection. Path lights act as yet another buffer that helps extend your property's luminous plane further into the landscape. 

Accenting the trees around the perimeter of  your property is also a repellent. Each layer of light you add will further reveal any motion or signs of someone moving about where they shouldn't. The more light, the better. 

However, this doesn't mean you need giant, powerful flood lights that will intrude on the neighbor's property too. No one wants to be that annoying neighbor whose lights shine in everyone else's windows at night.

3) Entryways

Entryways are easy access points. Illuminating your entryways is an absolute must.

In addition to keeping your home from feeling dark and ominous when you come home, its also fundamental to any effective security lighting plan.


The front door, side door, and back door should all be well illuminated. Entry ways are where the majority of incidents tend to occur. 

The side door and around the garage, in particular, are high profile locations for a trespasser to target.

It may be worth noting that the main body of your home isn't the only place that can be targeted. The shed out back and the pool house are also susceptible.

Illuminating the entrances to these places can make all the difference.

Its always a good idea to have all entryways in and out of the home well lit at night.

LLP_Rosie-196-HDR (1)


It's important to note that even the best security lighting is not a substitute for a security system. Security lighting is your first line of defense for deterring trespassers, but shouldn't be relied on as the only form of home security. 

Security lighting around your home should make your home look beautiful and feel inviting to you and your guests. To anyone else who shouldn't be there, the lighting should make them feel uneasy. 

Remember, a well lit home is a less trespassed home. 


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