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Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

Your deck is an extension of your indoor living areas. Having a well lit deck with strategically placed fixtures will extend the amount of time that can be spent outside. 

We'll talk about a few of the ways to utilize different fixtures and how the placement will make your deck safe & illuminating at night.


Pergola lighting

Having a pergola is a stunning feature to any deck, you have a great opportunity to make your deck really stand out. The pillars and crossbeams of the pergola provide a great platform for a variety of lighting options. For example, Incorporating recessed lighting fixtures will create a beautiful, inviting feel to your visiting & dining areas. This is achieved by installing a fixture to the beams, casting down a soft wash of light. Another option is uplighting: these fixtures are attached to the bottom of the pergola or installed in the flooring to highlight the structure's architecture. 


Step & bistro lighting 

In the picture above, you'll notice how we incorporated both step lighting & bistro lights on this deck. This accomplished the safety aspect along with creating a fun, festive atmosphere for your entertaining or relaxing after a long day.  To safely illuminate these steps, we used recessed tread fixtures. The tread light is fixed to the back into the vertical face of step this directs light down on the horizontal surface below. Adding bistro light strands creates an inviting nighttime ambiance that draws you in. 


Post lighting

Post lights emit light downwards and are a great safety feature for railing posts. This light is generally soft, not overpowering, and works well for safety lighting . Post lights come in a variety of styles & designs that add life to your deck while ensuring you and your guests are safe.     


LED strip lights

LED strip lights are extremely popular because of how versatile they are. They provide a unique way to illuminate deck stairs and railings. They are also great for accenting under counters of your BBQ & dining areas. These are flexible strips with tiny LED lights embedded in them. They generally come on a roll and usually have an adhesive backing. 

Finding ways to have the deck of your dreams is limitless but hopefully we've helped in some key areas. As you can see, deck lighting provides an inviting yet relaxing ambiance that also incorporates nighttime safety in a practical way. 


If you want to make your deck the center of your outdoor entertainment area, give us a call at 801-440-7647, or fill out a consultation request from by clicking the link above. One of our designers will come out for a free consultation and create a lighting design specifically for you.

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