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Outdoor Lighting Design- Blueprint For Landscape Lighting Projects

     As the days get shorter here in Utah, we begin the Summer Trek of high temperatures during the day and we find ourselves retreating beneath the shade trees or the coolness of the swimming pool or pergola.  The evening hours begin after sunset when we begin to enjoy our outdoor features with family and friends.  These are precious hours to relax and cool down from the heat of the day.


     This time of the year there is increased real estate activity occurring here in Utah.  You may be in the housing market for the first time or looking to upgrade your home.  All in all, this is in most cases your biggest and most treasured investment in your life.  Moving into a new home, you want to invest in elements of that real estate to make a house your home.  You may have purchased a property that includes landscape lighting to some degree or nothing more than porch lights and spotlights to light up the evening hours.    Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah is here to help you design and install a lighting system to meet your vision and enhance your lifestyle activities as evening emerges from the heat of the day.

     Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah offers a outdoor lighting design guide to help you in your journey while making critical decisions when planning and designing your garden lighting project.  On their website www.utahlights.com they have developed a guide to help you along with your lighting project.  This comprehensive plan called “Landscape Lighting Design Guide” (Illuminating Answers to all your Outdoor Lighting Questions) guides you through the process from initial ideas to actually enjoying your new lighting system.

     This Design Guide covers many areas from questions to ask as well as decision-making throughout the outdoor lighting project.  The major categories within this Design Guide are:

  1. Why Light?- Safety and Security, Highlighting Architectural Features and Adding Aesthetic Touches.
  2. Before You Start Designing- Choosing the perfect light fixtures for your design style, finding the right fixture material, types of lighting and of course your budget.
  3. Meeting with a  lighting professional (i.e. Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah) that you can collaborate with on the process of Installation-Walk Through-Service.
  4. Taking the Next Steps- Consulting, Collaborating and Contracting with confidence.

     Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah will guide you in your quest to design, install and maintain an outdoor lighting system like they have for many people like you throughout Utah.  You can be confident and proud of the fact that you created an outdoor lighting system you envisioned it to be. Extending your activities on your property into the evening hours will bring enjoyment to you, your family and all who visit your home for years to come. 

Free Landscape Lighting Design Guide

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