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Outdoor Security Lighting Tips to Protect Your Home.

Traditional Security Lighting

High powered flood lights are great when you need to throw a lot of light over a large area. This is why they are effective in commercial settings where a large space requires lots of light. In a football stadium, large flood lights are the solution for illuminating the entire space. For your home, however, flood lights might not be the best option.

  • First, the neighbors will not appreciate the lights shining in their windows at night.

  • Second, they detract from the beauty of your property, rather than enhance it. When security lighting is done in the right light, it will provide beauty as well as security.
residential-security-lighting-Salt-Lake-City - Copy-2Motion sensing lights are useful as an automated device that turns the lights on when they sense motion. The thought is that these lights are supposed to turn on when a trespasser is near enough to switch them on. However, there are some drawbacks.|

  • First, people aren’t the only things that will turn these lights on: a bird, a cat, or  even a branch blowing in the wind can turn these motion sensors on.

  • Second, they make for a poor security measure. If you hear a noise out the window at night, but the motion sensor isn’t set off, you won’t be able to see anything.

  • Third, they aren’t a good functional light. Because the light has to sense motion to turn on, they will not serve as a good functional light since they require continual motion to remain powered on. Have you ever seen how people will stand in their driveway waving their arms at the light so they can see what they are doing?

Low-voltage Landscape Lighting

There are many ways to approach security lighting.

Low-voltage landscape lighting accents the key features of your home’s architecture while providing bespoke security lighting to protect you and your family.

Landscape lighting is a great solution for security purposes because it allows for lighting throughout your property. By illuminating the landscape and perimeter around a home, it gives homeowners more visual control over their surroundings. If there is ever a noise outside or motion happening outside a window, it will be visible.

outdoor-security-and-entry-wash-lighting-park-city-utahThe true value in security lighting, however, lies in its ability to deter trespass in the first place. A home lit well is a home less trespassed. It’s that simple. When a property is lit properly it feels lived in. Trespassers don’t want to venture into well illuminated properties where someone could be home. They much rather target a home that seems empty.

Trespassers don’t want to be seen. But the trick is to deter trespassers before they decide to invade a space.

The reasons motion sensing lights aren’t effective is because they don’t illuminate an area until after someone has already made up their mind to enter that space. Effective security lighting needs to illuminate a space for someone enters it.


Landscape Lighting Makes All the Difference

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