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Outdoor Wedding Lighting Mistakes to Avoid: Make it a Magical Evening

He popped the question and the ring is on! Now what? 

Your wedding day is fast approaching and it can start to feel a bit overwhelming. If there is one thing we don't want you to stress over, its the thing we know best: the outdoor lighting.

We've put together a quick list of things you'll want to keep in mind when planning on lighting for your backyard wedding.


get a lighting designer or lighting company involved early

Don't make the mistake of waiting to call a lighting designer or professional lighting company until the last min. If you do, the chances of them being able to help you are slim.

Its easy to be overwhelmed by everything needed to plan and organize a wedding. However, if you're doing a backyard wedding, make sure your outdoor lighting is on the same priority list as the catering. 

the lighting is an essential piece to making our wedding a success

Remember, the lighting isn't a minor detail. In fact, its one of the most essential pieces for any outdoor wedding:

  • Function: The lighting is important because it will provide the much needed functional lighting for the space. In the evening it will get dark. 
  • MarikoKayPhoto-3423Between newly weds smashing cake in each others faces to people cutting a rug on the dance floor, you'll want to be sure everyone can see. 
    Not to mention your catering service and guests will be thankful for being able to see whatever food is being provided.

  • Photography: If you want good photos, you'll want good lighting. Your photographer will have a much easier time capturing all those beautiful little perfect moments if there is adequate lighting. 

  • Ambiance: In addition to its functional use, lighting also sets the tone for the night. Bistro Lights over head immediately create a more festive atmosphere for gusts.   

don't let the lighting look like an afterthought

IT can be a mistake to try and make the lighting for your wedding look like something out of a fairytale Pinterest board. Everyone has seen those dream wedding ideas online that showcase stunning lighting design. The reality is these beautiful lighting scenes are  curated and carefully staged.

You should definitely draw inspiration from these photos. However, I'm sure you've seen those Pinterest fails people post online. If you aren't working with a professional lighting designer, this is more likely what you'll end up with.

Avoid having your lighting look like a good effort that ended in poor execution.

Get a lighting designer involved and stick to lighting that will create a timeless look.

When you look back at your wedding years later, you'll be glad you didn't attempt to lift a 500lb brass chandelier into that ancient oak tree: let that fairy tale live online.

less is more

Coco Chanel's put it best: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This can be true for lighting too. String lights strung over head can provide all the functional lighting needed to set the tone for the evening.

You don't need an elaborate candelabra with lit candles set on every table to create a beautiful atmosphere. 

If you want to add anything beyond bistro lights, consider adding landscape lighting around the garden to help give your guests more visual control over their surroundings.

If your functional task lighting needs have been addressed, illuminating key features in the landscape can help to really elevate the evening to a more magical place. 


have an upcoming wedding?

If you have an upcoming wedding in need of lighting but aren't sure where to start, take the first step and request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only functional lighting for the celebration, but also lighting that will feel magical.


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