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How to Choose the Right Landscape Lighting Fixtures

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Adding landscape lighting to a property is a simple way to enhance all aspects. Lighting brings the home and its outdoor living spaces to an entirely new level. The hard part about landscape lighting is knowing which fixtures to put where! Each fixture creates a different output of light and can make it a challenge to know which fixture should be used to light all the different aspects of the home.

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How to Ensure Your Lighting System will Achieve Your Desired Results

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When done right, landscape lighting is an incredible investment. It does more than simply illuminate properties at night. Proper lighting creates warmth, ambience, and that sense of security. Poorly designed, installed, and maintained landscape lighting systems, however, can lead to unexpected issues and an overall unsuccessful investment. How can you be sure you are getting everything you need and want from your landscape lighting system?

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Project Highlight: Bringing Security and Curb Appeal to a Salt Lake Home

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Landscape lighting is the perfect way to enhance the curb appeal to any home. On this particular project it was especially true due to the fact that we were able to highlight all the beauty the home had to offer. From the architecture to the landscaping to the outdoor living space, we were able to accentuate all the beauty this property had to offer. 

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Unique Lighting Techniques to Extend Your Evenings Outdoors

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Outdoor living spaces, whether that is a fabulous patio, a fire pit, or outdoor kitchen, are extensions of our home. They provide that extra space for you and your guests to enjoy time together while enjoying the outdoors.

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Bring Safety to Your Outdoor Steps with These 4 Lighting Techniques

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There is nothing better than a summer evening spent outdoors. The warm night air is so inviting can and easily draw you out into your outdoor living space. Your relaxing evening can be cut short without the proper lighting, however. This is especially true if you have a set of stairs to steps in your outdoor living space.  Without proper lighting, these pose as a safety hazard for both you and your guests.

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4 Lighting Ideas for a Family-Fun Backyard

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Pool Lighting |

Outdoor living spaces can bring and your family together in a new way. Evenings can be spent together out by the fire or swimming in the pool. One of the best ways to extend these evenings is to add lighting to your outdoor living space. There are many lighting options that can bring a fun yet functional atmosphere to your backyard.

This blog highlights 4 landscape lighting ideas to create a family-fun backyard this summer!

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Landscape Lighting: Hiring a Professional vs DIY

Topics: DIY vs Landscape Lighting Professional | Outdoor Lighting |

When starting any home project, there is always that thought of “I can do this myself.” When it comes to an outdoor lighting project, a DIY feels enticing. You can save money and still get the lighting needed right? That is true, but there are a few things to consider before jumping into a DIY project involving outdoor lighting. From wiring, to the fixtures, to the over all operation of the system, there is a lot that goes into a successful lighting project.

This blog will highlight 4 things to consider when deciding between a DIY project or hiring a landscape lighting professional! 

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What to do With my Landscape Lights After a Big Snow Storm

One of the greatest benefits of landscape lighting in the winter is that brings light to those early, dark evenings. It makes those cold nights feel warmer by illuminating all the beauty your home and property offer. In most cases however, winter brings snow and... well... that means your landscape lighting system will need some attention. 

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Bring Life to Your Outdoor Living Space with these 4 Lighting Ideas!

Before we know it, the weather is going to change. The days will be longer, the trees will be budding, and outdoor living spaces will feel more inviting. This blog gives 4 lighting ideas for your home this Spring! 

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Less Says More When Designing a Landscape Lighting System

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Adding a lighting system to your landscape is such a simple way to elevate your home and property. An outdoor lighting system, when done right, can enhance the curb appeal and add functionality to the walkways, living spaces, and property as a whole. 

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