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Pergola Lighting... What is a Pergola???

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The term "Pergola" was first used in the 1600's by Roman architects and designers.  It defines a structure designed as a covered pathway, porch, or free standing structure.  In the 1600's pergolas were built as areas in a garden (British term for lawn and garden) covered by lattice work and supported by columns or posts.  Vine plants like ivy or grape are planted at the base of the pergola to climb up the structure and create a natural cover.

In Roman times, pergolas were lit by torches, moon light and sunlight.  These structures accommodated a quiet and possibly romantic stroll through the garden, a gathering of friends for conversation and refreshments, and a peaceful spot to relax and refresh.

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Landscape Lighting Concepts For Your Home

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The operative word here is "lighting".  If your home has lights on the front door, garage door and back door, you are at the very beginning stage of lighting design for your home. Lighting for curb appeal is huge now adays. Outdoor lighting expands your home, lawn, garden and more areas to a complete concept of lighting.  Your home is your castle and you deserve to proudly display all of its wonderful features. 

Take a walk, bike ride or car journey through your neighborhood with landscape lighting in mind.  You will be amazed at how many homes have lighting at various stages of design.  Some homes, very simply lit, may be in the majority.  Take notice of the ones that appeal to you.  These will probably be the ones that have integrated features of lighting.  These enhancements will expand the "living space" for the home owners various outside activities. 

The next step is to view your property with your family and come up with a list of features that you can imagine being visually enhanced by landscape lighting.  You will probably be amazed with what you come up with and truly this is the beginning of your project.  Some to the features you should take into consideration are:

  • Trees of interest, planting areas, and rock formations
  • Porches, driveways, walkways, pathways and the front facing of your home
  • Relaxing and quiet areas, conversational gathering areas and activity areas such as pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and dinning areas
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Landscape Lighting DIY: Collaborating with a Lighting Specialist

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If you are considering Landscape Lighting, it may be worth your while to consult with a professional about your envisioned project. Bringing a  lighting specialist on board as a collaborating partner may be the best decision you will make for the success of your project. 

This initial step in the process will give you a good estimation as to whether you consider this person as someone you can confide in to support your vision.  The lighting pro will bring experience of lighting projects like yours, informed of the leading technologies, and one who you can trust to interpret you vision being the guideline. 

Since the design and installation is a very big steps in the process, it is only the initial step.  Guaranteed follow up maintenance and lifetime warranty assurance, as well as possible need to enhance the lighting system in the future are very important decisions in the process.    

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