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How to fix my broken landscape lighting fixtures

Landscape lighting does so much to accentuate your yard's beauty at night. That is until your fixtures start breaking. Today we are going to discuss how different low voltage landscape lighting fixtures can go bad and why they break.

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St. George Project Highlight: Creating a Desert Sanctuary with Landscape Lighting

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | St. George Lighting Techniques |

We love that we are able to install lighting year round here in St. George. While the ground is frozen in other parts of Utah, St. George is warm enough for us to get in the ground and burry the wire for our lighting systems.

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Lighting Ordinances: Lighting a Dark Sky Friendly Home in St. George

Topics: Lighting Ordinances | Outdoor Lighting |

There is something to be said about the peace and serenity of the desert. It has its own unique beauty that deserves to be preserved. One thing contributing to that beauty is the protection of the night sky. Much like Park City, St. George is a place that is dark sky friendly by implementing ordinances that protect the night sky. 

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Path Light Installation: Where and How to Place Them

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Path Lights |

Path lights are one of the most common landscape lighting fixtures. They are often what we think of first when even thinking about landscape lighting. Path lights are very versatile and can be used in many areas of the property to bring function and beauty. One of the most difficult things with path lights (aside from the wiring) is where to place the fixture! 

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2020 Recap: Some of our Favorite Projects of the Year

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting |

2020 was quite the year. We wanted to close it out on a high note with some of our favorite projects we have had the pleasure of installing this year. Landscape Lighting Pro is so honored that we were able to bring some light to this crazy year. Enjoy! 

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Solar vs Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems - The Pros and Cons

Topics: Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Solar Landscape Lighting |

Landscape lighting comes in a whole variety of options. Whether your system comes from a professional or you install it yourself, they all come with pros and cons. 

In this blog we are going to compare the pros and cons of two of landscaping lighting’s most popular choices, solar and low voltage lighting systems.

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Security Lighting: Benefits of Landscape Lighting When out of Town

Topics: LED Lighting | Security Lighting |

Landscape lighting can serve as your first line of defense when it comes to home security, especially when you are out of town. A well lit home serves a threat to any trespasser because it creates the opportunity to be seen. 

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Flood Lighting for your Home without the Spotlight Feeling

Topics: Floodlighting | Security Lighting |

When it comes to floodlighting, there is a fine line between creating functional security lighting without it feeling like a spotlight. Many when they hear the word “floodlight,” their minds go straight to the motion lights that flash on when..well..there is motion. These motion lights “flood” the space below with a bright light to ward off trespassers. 

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Project Highlight: Gorgeous Mediterranean Style Home in Holladay

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Security Lighting |

Recently we finished adding landscape lighting to this gorgeous Mediterranean style home in Holladay. This home gave us plenty of beauty to highlight and a great landscape to provide safety and functionality to the property as well. We had so much fun bringing light to this home; explore the ways we did below!

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Landscape Lighting Winter Check-List

Outdoor lighting adds so much value in the winter. It makes long, dark nights seem shorter, it brings life to your atmosphere, and creates a warmth that is so needed. Here are 3 ways to keep your outdoor lights at their best this winter season! 

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