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Where Do I Put Landscape Lighting Fixtures in My Yard?

Topics: Lighting Design |

Landscape lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. Every fixture has a job to do, just like every tool does. The trick to good lighting is to be sure you aren't trying to use a hammer where you really needed a screwdriver. 

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HOA Sign Lighting to Add Beauty & Security

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

Whether its out of a sense of pride for your community, or simply wanting to make sure people can find it more easily, many HOAs want a well lit sign.

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3 Patio Lighting Tips for Beginners [Free Design Guide Download]

Topics: Patio Lighting |

Successfully lighting your patio space can be tricky. You want your lighting to make your back patio look and feel like an extension of your indoor space. Not sure where you need lighting or where to focus your attention? There are three lighting elements you should really try to incorporate: functional lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting.

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Lighting Your Koi Pond: Do You Trust the Average Pond Guy?

Topics: Low Voltage Lighting |

There is a lot of information out there about building, designing, and maintaining koi ponds, but very little information about lighting them. 

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Outdoor Wedding Lighting Mistakes to Avoid: Make it a Magical Evening

Topics: Outdoor Lighting |

He popped the question and the ring is on! Now what? 

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Landscape Lighting Design is Not a Handy Man Project

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

For some projects it might make sense to DIY it or hire a handy man. But when it comes to landscape lighting design, we aren't talking about just throwing some lights in your garden beds.

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Are Soffit Lights the Best Option to Light your Home?

Topics: Recessed Soffit Lights | Soffit Lights |

Exterior lights are a very common and popular way to enhance your home after dark. When you light the architecture of your home, it inevitably increases the curb appeal and safety at night. The lighting creates this warm and welcoming feel to the front of your home.

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Employee Highlight: Nina Thomas, Office Manager

Meet Nina!

If you have ever called the Landscape Lighting Pro office, you have probably been greeted by our bubbly Office Manager, Nina! She has been with Landscape Lighting Pro for a little over a year and has played a large part in the growth of the company. She runs all aspects of customer service, handles financials, organizes our job board, and manages our technicians schedules. We would be lost without her!

Nina was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah and still resides there with her husband of 17 years, son, two cats, and dog! She has two granddaughters from her eldest son and she could not be more obsessed! Nina lives and breathes for saving animals and is a huge Comic-Con fan. 


Below is a little interview with Nina to get to know the voice behind the phone! 

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4 Ways to Light your Outdoor Paths

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Path Lights |

There are a multitude of reasons to light the pathways around a property. We do it to boost curb appeal, to highlight where the entrances are located, but mostly for the ease and safety when traversing the property after dark. There is a sense of relief when knowing that both you, your family, and your guests know exactly where they are going. The worry of someone tripping and falling is lessened and there is a comfort knowing everyone can see where they are walking. 

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Is Landscape Lighting Worth the Money?

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Outdoor Lighting |

Starting any home project can feel risky. You never know how it will turn out, if you will like the results, but most importantly, if it will be worth the time and money spent in completing the project. This is true with a landscape lighting project as well. 

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