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4 Ways to Light your Deck & Patio: The Perfect Entertainment Spot

Topics: Outdoor Living Space | Patio Lighting |

Our decks have turned into outdoor living rooms. They have amazing seating areas, places to eat, and are the perfect spot for entertaining. Adding lights around your deck and railings brings safety and functionality to your outdoor space. 

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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting: Providing Beauty and Functionality

Topics: outdoor kitchen | Outdoor Living Space |

Summer is here which means the weather is perfect for enjoying time outdoors, both during the day and at night. Barbecues and get-togethers with family and friends are one of the best ways to spend these warm days and nights.

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Water Feature Lighting: Creating an Escape

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Living Space |

Water features bring a peaceful feel to your landscape. Unfortunately, these can only truly be enjoyed during the day without proper lighting.

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Installation: Don't Accidentally Create a Frankenstein Lighting System

Topics: Hiring a Lighting Professional | Lighting Specialist |

What on earth is a Frankenstein landscape lighting system? I'm glad you asked!

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3 Steps to Lighting your Backyard Wedding: The Most Overlooked  Detail

Topics: Lighting Project | Outdoor Lighting |

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work, and the lighting can be one of the most overlooked details. 

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Could LEDs be the Reason Why Your Landscape Lighting Stopped Working?

Topics: Landscape Lighting | LED Technology |

In this post, we discuss how LED technology has lead to a decline in the way low voltage outdoor lighting systems are built and engineered.

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Avoid Bad Outdoor Lighting [The Secret to Achieving Timeless Style]

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Outdoor Living Space |

Timeless style: Its something we're all looking to achieve. But what does timeless style have to do with avoiding bad lighting?

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6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Entertaining Guests

Topics: Lighting Design | Lighting Project |

Who doesn't enjoy entertaining and having friends over for a little backyard soiree? For backyard entertaining, here are our favorite outdoor lighting ideas to help bring the festivities to life at your next event or get together!
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8 Mental Health Benefits to Having a Beautifully lit Outdoor Sanctuary

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Living Space |

A client once told me that the reason she spends all day working in her garden is because its cheaper than going to seen a therapist. Time spent outside can be incredibly relaxing! Especially at night! In this post, we discuss how beautiful outdoor lighting in your backyard sanctuary can help you maintain your sanity.

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Interior Design and Exterior Lighting Share the Same Language

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

Typically when the sun sets our windows become inky black voids. Landscape lighting isn't just great for our time spend outside. In this post, we discuss how Landscape lighting can also transform our dark windows into beautiful living portraits and heighten our indoor living. 

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