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Solar vs Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems - The Pros and Cons

Topics: Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Solar Landscape Lighting |

Landscape lighting comes in a whole variety of options. Whether your system comes from a professional or you install it yourself, they all come with pros and cons. 

In this blog we are going to compare the pros and cons of two of landscaping lighting’s most popular choices, solar and low voltage lighting systems.

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Security Lighting: Benefits of Landscape Lighting When out of Town

Topics: LED Lighting | Security Lighting |

Landscape lighting can serve as your first line of defense when it comes to home security, especially when you are out of town. A well lit home serves a threat to any trespasser because it creates the opportunity to be seen. 

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Flood Lighting for your Home without the Spotlight Feeling

Topics: Floodlighting | Security Lighting |

When it comes to floodlighting, there is a fine line between creating functional security lighting without it feeling like a spotlight. Many when they hear the word “floodlight,” their minds go straight to the motion lights that flash on when..well..there is motion. These motion lights “flood” the space below with a bright light to ward off trespassers. 

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Project Highlight: Gorgeous Mediterranean Style Home in Holladay

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Security Lighting |

Recently we finished adding landscape lighting to this gorgeous Mediterranean style home in Holladay. This home gave us plenty of beauty to highlight and a great landscape to provide safety and functionality to the property as well. We had so much fun bringing light to this home; explore the ways we did below!

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Landscape Lighting Winter Check-List

Outdoor lighting adds so much value in the winter. It makes long, dark nights seem shorter, it brings life to your atmosphere, and creates a warmth that is so needed. Here are 3 ways to keep your outdoor lights at their best this winter season! 

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Adding Landscape Lighting to your Property...Where do you Start?

If you have ever wished you had landscape lighting but do not know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog we will go through what to expect after you request a free consultation for landscape lighting. We will take you through the process leading up to the installation of your system! 

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Create an Inviting Home by Illuminating the Entrances

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Outdoor Lighting |

When a home has landscape lighting, it makes the home inviting and approachable for both the owner and their guests. The front entrance, and path to it, is clear and well lit allowing a home owner to not only see who is approaching the home, but guides guests easily to and from. 

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Project Highlight: Providing Ambiance and Functionality in Utah County

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Security Lighting |

This property is the perfect place for any type of get-together. From infinity pool, to the multiple sitting areas, and fire pits, it is a homeowners dream. Our team had the pleasure of adding landscape lighting to enhance all the beautiful aspects this property had to offer.

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Illuminating your Driveway: Creating Safety and Visual Appeal

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Security Lighting |

As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, driveways can become a hazard to those who drive or walk on them. From black ice to the visual hindrance the dark evenings of winter bring, driveways benefit from outdoor lighting immensely. 

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Turn your St. George Home into a Desert Oasis with Outdoor Lighting

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | St. George Lighting Techniques |

Did you know Landscape Lighting Pro is in St. George? If you have a desert home, let us be your go to for landscape lighting! Design, installation, and services to your system, we will be there for it all.

Check out some of the ways we can enhance your desert home through outdoor lighting! 

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