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5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Landscape Lighting System

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Investing money in an outdoor lighting system is something that can go very well or very wrong. There are so many different fixtures, techniques, and options when it comes to lighting systems. How do you know what way to go? What fixtures to use? Where to put the lights? While there is never a full-proof way to avoid a light going out or a fixture being broken, there are many ways to create an extremely well built and thought out lighting system that is designed with your needs in mind, upholds against the elements of the outdoors, and last for years to come. 

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Top 7 Lighting Ideas for your Backyard this Summer!

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When the nice weather hits, outdoor living spaces become more and more utilized. The outdoor kitchen is being used, the pool is open, and the fire pit is burning. The swimming and barbecuing shouldn't need to stop after the sun goes down. Installing backyard lighting is a great way to not only extend the hours in your outdoor living space, but also enhances the ambiance and safety of your backyard. 

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4 Unexpected Areas to Add Landscape Lighting

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There are so many areas landscape lighting can enhance and bring life to a property. The most common areas include places like walkways, stairs, entrances, driveways, and all the different types of landscaping around the property. 

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Home Security: How Landscape Lighting Can Add a Layer of Defense

Topics: Rings of Security | Security Lighting |

When landscape lighting is installed correctly, all the lit elements should come together as a whole to create a ring of security around your property. The lighting allows you to have more visual control over your property from inside the house. When it extends to the very back parts of your property, it eliminates those dark pockets where an intruder can hide or lurk. It also acts as a deterrent because lighting poses as a threat to an intruder. 

This blog highlights the many ways landscape lighting can add an extra layer of security to your home at night. 

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Employee Highlight: Ty Rosser, Lighting Designer, Celebrating 10 Years with Landscape Lighting Pro!

Topics: Ladscape Designer | Landscape Lighting Design |

Meet Ty Rosser!

Ty is one of the lighting designers here at Landscape Lighting Pro and is celebrating his 10th year with the company. During that time he has played many roles including, working in the warehouse, lighting installation, service technician, blog writing, and now sales and design! If you call to schedule a consultation for landscape lighting, you will most likely get the chance to meet and work with Ty throughout your lighting project.

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Lighting Must Haves for Your Pool Area Before Opening Day

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Pool Lighting |

Opening day for your pool is an exciting one. It means summer and warm weather has finally arrived. Gathering with friends and family to enjoy the warm days and nights around the pool is something we all can look forward to.

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6 Areas Undercap Lights Can Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space!

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Tread Lights |

Outdoor living spaces do so much for a home. They expand the interior of the home by creating a new place for you and guests to sit and visit. Adding landscape lighting to these areas extend the use of them because it allows you to utilize them after this sun goes down. 

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Landscape Lighting Pro has Won Best Lighting Designer in Utah!

Topics: Hiring a Lighting Professional | Outdoor Lighting |

Landscape Lighting Pro has won Best Lighting Designer in Utah! For nearly 20 years, we have striven to bring the best outdoor lighting experience possible to people's homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front & beyond. 

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How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Landscape Lighting Contractor

Topics: Hiring a Lighting Professional | Outdoor Lighting |

Hiring a contractor for any project can be overwhelming. It is hard to know who to trust and who will make your project successful. What do you look for when researching a contractor? How do you know who to avoid? We wanted to provide you with a few red flags to look for when specifically hiring a landscape lighting contractor.

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How to Strategically Plan your Landscape Lighting System

Topics: Outdoor Lighting |

 When creating a plan for a landscape lighting system, there are many ways to ensure you are getting exactly what is needed and wanted. It is important to go in with a clear plan of goals and execution. The best way to make sure you create the light you are looking for is to make a priority list for you and the system.

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