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Lighting Your Park City Mountain Home with Steel Bollards

Lighting Park City with Steel BollardWe talk a lot around here about light as artistry. At Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and artistry with every light we install.

That’s why we love installing artistic steel bollard lighting. Its beauty will knock your socks off.

Let’s take a closer look at this type of lighting, and the advantages it offers, especially in a mountain resort town such as Park City, Utah.

First, What The Heck Is A Bollard?

A bollard light is a type of outdoor lighting encased in a vertical post. The term bollard is originally a nautical term, referring to the name of the post to which ships tie up to on a dock or wharf.

Nautical bollards are traditionally cylindrical and rounded at the top. But today’s bollard lighting can be cylindrical, square or any other vertical shape used to house outdoor lights.

The light source in steel bollard lights is hidden inside the cap of the fixtures, so there’s no glare. And the light shines out from the sides, not up from the top. That means they don’t create light pollution by shooting light up into the dark Utah skies.

The Artistry Of Steel Bollard Lighting

While bollard lighting was originally designed simply to provide functional lighting, today’s decorative steel bollard lights are pure artistry, using intricate laser-cut designs to create fixtures that look like sculptures and cast dramatic shadow patterns on the ground.

The designs can be geometric, abstract, or nature-like. Some of the most popular designs in this area feature oak or aspen leaves, but steel bollard lighting can be custom cut to feature any design a client desires.

During the daylight, they’re metal sculpture. At night, the light inside shines through the laser-cut designs to cast stunning, artistic shadows on the ground.

Add to the visual appeal by grouping multiple bollards in varying heights. They range in height from 2 feet to 11 feet tall and come in varying widths, as well.

The natural steel craftsmanship fits well with the heavy timber look of many mountain resort homes.

And the artistic quality of these steel bollard fixtures are a perfect match for resort towns, which typically are filled with art galleries and art aficionados.

Function First

Lighting Your Mountain Resort Home with Steel BollardsWhile the lighting effect is lovely, the mission of steel bollard lighting is to provide adequate lighting.

Bollards work well lighting paths and driveways, but also are at home on decks and patios to spill light on outdoor living areas.

They’re also a good fit for the garden — part light, part garden art.

Because they’re taller than typical pathway lights, steel bollards are visible to snowplow drivers that frequent mountain resort towns in the winter, and withstand the rigors of plowing.

Crafted of solid steel, they’re weighty and durable. Bollards are also available in aluminum — a response to customers asking for decorative bollards that will resist corrosive seaside conditions.

What about warrantees? The fixtures’ metal housing and cap, as well as socket and assembly, have lifetime guarantees

The lifetime guarantee doesn’t include lamps or metal finishes, but powder coat or anodized finishes can be reapplied down the line if the appearance fades.

Give Us A Call

If you decide the function and artistry of steel bollard lighting is for you, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at (801) 440-7647 to schedule a free consultation, or fill out our simple contact form.

Located in Sandy, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah serves customers throughout Utah’s residential areas, including Salt Lake City, Park City, Draper and Holladay. Our outdoor lighting portfolio includes projects from Salt Lake County and Utah County, to Davis County and Summit County — and beyond.

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