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Path Light Installation: Where and How to Place Them

Path lights are one of the most common landscape lighting fixtures. They are often what we think of first when even thinking about landscape lighting. Path lights are very versatile and can be used in many areas of the property to bring function and beauty. One of the most difficult things with path lights (aside from the wiring) is where to place the fixture! 

Each placement should be intentional so that the light is able to serve its purpose. You want the spacing to create balance so that the entrance, step, drive, or wherever the path lights are installed, is functional and well lit. 

Here are 4 areas to add path lighting on your property:

1. Entrances


The main area path lighting is needed is our front entrances leading up to the home. Adding lights to the sidewalks leading up to your home allows you and your guests to be safely guided to the entrances. This gives your home a welcoming and beautiful feel when arriving. It also eliminates the question of “where do we go” when guests pull up to your home.

When installing path lights to the entrances, it is important to stagger them on each side of the walk so that the light casts in a purposeful manner. The spacing is meant to provide a clear path without over lighting. The goal is to place the fixtures so the light that is cast work in sync with one another.

2. Pathways


We say it a lot, but we truly believe thatwe light the front of our homes for our neighbors and the rest of the property for us. That is why we think adding path lights to any pathway that leads to outdoor living spaces is a must. Incorporating path lights to the walkways provides safety and allows for you to show off the beauty that these walkways create in your property. This is especially true when the paths display gorgeous stone!

The spacing for pathways is the same as that of the sidewalk entrances! It is meant to provide the appropriate amount of light to guide one to the outdoor living space withoutover lighting the area. Staggering is key!

3. Stairs

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The next area we think path lights are needed is for steps on your property. Stairs can be such a hazard in the dark even for those who know them best. Adding lighting to them provides such a safety element because it allows both you and your guests to navigate them with ease.

When we place the fixtures to bring light to the stairs, we don't want a fixture on every step. Instead, we want them to be spread out down the edges of the staircase so that they provide just enough light to ascend and descend the stairs without trouble.

Landscape lighting often cast shadows from the neighboring landscape or stones, adding a bonus depth of beauty that is not thought about before adding light to the steps!

4. Pool Decks


The final space we are going to talk about is pool decks! A pool deck is not the first thing you think of when thinking of installing path lighting. For certain pool decks, they can provide exactly what is needed. The best way to utilize path lights in a pool deck is by using them in conjunction with other lighting fixtures.

Path lights are great for illuminating steps in your pool area, or providing light to the perimeter of the pool deck. Placing the path lights in just the right place brings such functionality to the pool area for both you and your guests! 

Are you interested in path lighting? 

If you are looking for a professional to help with your landscape lighting installation, request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only a functional property, but one that highlights the beauty of your home even at night. 

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