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Falling Down the Front Steps: Safety Lighting to Avoid Home Injuries

Dark entryway steps at night can spell serious trouble.

Its great to have guests over, but not at the cost of them getting injured because of a dark entryway. 

If your home's front entryway has elevation changes or steps that are difficult for guests to see at night, than you'll want to add some lighting for safety.  

Different kinds of lighting for safety

There are many ways to increase the visibility of your front entryway to make it safer for your loved ones. Lets take a look at a few of our favorite lighting techniques keeping your safety in mind. 

1) Path Lights

We've all seen path lights in people's yards before. Traditionally a path light is comprised of three parts: a top hat that projects light downward, a post that the top hat sits on top of, and a ground stake that secures the

Cream Beach Photo Pinterest Graphicfixture into the ground. 

Path lights are a great solution where light needs to be cast down where peoples feet step. They can be placed along a walk way to help guide people to their destinations without worry.

A great advantage to path lights is the way they can be placed along a flight of steps. If you front door is at the end of a long walkway, or a walkway with elevation changes along with steps, than path lights might just be the perfect solution. 

The front entry way isn't the only hazard to worry about. Lighting the front walkway can do a lot to improve safety lighting as well. When the front pathway leading to the front door is lit, it shows people exactly where they need to go. Are there other steps or pathways around your home that people traverse? These should also considered.

To quickly clarify, we are talking about low voltage path lights, not solar lights. Low voltage lighting is great because it provides enough power to the fixture for it to have adequate light output for seeing at night. The photo above demonstrates this beautifully.

Solar lights just don't get the job done right. They have low light output and don't last more than a few hours after the sun sets. The batteries ware out and eventually they just stop working all together. If you want outdoor lighting that will last and provide enough light to see by, choose 12v low voltage lighting. Not solar lights. 

Click here to learn about the difference between solar and low-voltage lighting. 

2) Down Lights

Down lighting is one of our favorite landscape lighting techniques! 

patio-lighting-slcDown lighting is done with a special kind of fixture that is placed up high in a tree or off the architecture of the home. Don't be confused, a down light is different from a security flood light. Down lights have a softer light output, are directional, and have a glare shield to keep light from traveling into the neighbors property or into your own windows at night. The glare shield in particular is important because it keeps unwanted light out of peoples eyes. 

Down lighting a great safety lighting solution because it casts a soft splash of light over any area that needs to be better lit. Its wonderful for safety, and entertaining!


Down lighting can easily reveal those front steps to help your guests traverse the entryway safely.

3) Tread Lights

Tread lights are one of the best solutions to ensure people wont miss a step because it was too dark. Tread lights are literally placed into or on the riser of the step so that they can cast light down onto each tread. 

eZy Watermark-13-10-2021-09-53-15AM

Tread lights are great because their entire job is to light peoples way up and down your wood, stone, or even cement steps. There are plenty of options for lighting your steps, but tread lights are specialized for it!

need help lighting your steps?

If you are looking for a high quality landscape lighting system to increase safety around your steps, but don't know where to start, take the first step and request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only a functional property, but one that highlights the beauty of your home even at night. 


At Landscape Lighting Pro, the art of outdoor illumination is a real passion we work to perfect. Designing elegantly bespoke landscape lighting systems is simply all we do. For nearly 20 years, our award winning team of designers and craftsmen have striven to bring the best outdoor lighting experience possible to people's homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front & beyond. 

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