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Porches-Decks-Patios: Outdoor Lighting Done Right.

     When you are thinking about a landscape lighting design to enhance your evening outdoor experiences, consider in addition to your lawn and garden, your portals and gathering places.  Porches, decks and patios are essential links to the interior of your home as well as your transitions from your home to your outside areas.  These elements should be lit in a consistent flow of lighting both inside and out.  Segmenting and partitioning all these areas with your lighting only makes visual confusion for your family, friends and guests.  This is where a landscape lighting professional can bring their expertise and experience to the design and installation process.


Where to start?

     Your front entrance way (porch) along with your walkway to that entrance becomes your first impression for your invited guests.  Your low voltage landscape lighting can feature your walkway, front façade and porch becoming your invitation for them.  Integrating your lighting scheme between your outside lighting and your home interior is paramount.  Coordinating the tone and intensity of lights reduces the visual confusion for your guests.  Your lights illuminating the front walkway to your porch will feature not only safety and security to those visiting, but also the lighting fixtures being used in your overall landscape lighting design. This is where your use of quality fixtures becomes apparent to your guests.

Set the mood...

     Once your visitors enter your home and conversations turn to an evening dinner or snacks and evening darkness descends, a migration occurs.  This movement can be to your back deck or patio and can become especially relaxing with the continuance of your lighting scheme transitioning from your interior to the outside area and also continuing throughout your overall landscape lighting design.  Your deck can be illuminated by a variety of lights to replicate lighting from a full moon to bring ambience and relaxation.  Lighting can define the boundaries of your deck and will enhance closure and comfort as well as lighting for steps and pathways for safety and security. The main concern here is light invasion causing glare and discomfort for your guests and yourself.  A patio may have conversational areas and may have a fire pit to bring energy to this feature area.  Generally down lights are used here.  If the patio is constructed as a pergola, the down lighting fixtures can be easily hidden from direct eye contact.


What are you waiting for...

      Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has all the knowledge, experience and expertise to collaborate, design, install and maintain the perfect outdoor lighting system for you and your family.  Here in Utah where beautiful evenings bring pleasure and comfort to your family, friends and guests can be greatly enhanced by a landscape lighting design that integrates interior and exterior lights that will be greatly appreciated by all.


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