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Professional Landscape Lighting on a Budget

Are you considering adding Landscape Lighting to your home, but you're not sure where to start or what to expect budget-wise? While it can be intimidating, let's go over a few simple things to take into consideration when budgeting for a Outdoor Landscape Lighting system. 

Knowing your priorities will help you and your designer understand your goal. For example, are safety & security more important than visual appeal? If so, leaving out a fixture or two that would cater to the visual appeal but not necessarily provide more safety may be the way to go. Remember that your Lighting system isn't set in stone, you can come back at a later time and add more fixtures and lighting techniques that serve different purposes. 

Figure out your budget


This is the first step in deciding how much you want to invest in your home's landscape. There are several  factors that go into determining the cost. For example the size of the job, complexity, and fixture type, all play a part in the cost of your project. As it often happens with home improvement projects, chances are you will ending up spending a little more than you originally intended. So having a realistic budget in mind will help save you from headaches. Realistically, most entry level systems can start around $2,500 - $4,000. 

Prioritize your wants & needs


Now that you've figured out your budget. It's time to ask yourself : "why light?" What are you trying to accomplish, and what is most important to you? Is adding a level of security & safety to your home the priority? Or is having accent lighting that aims to emphasize distinct features on your landscape such as water features, gardens or trees, your cup of tea? Once you make this decision, and communicate with your designer, they will be able to put things into prospective, giving you an understanding of what to expect, while staying within your budget. 

Security & safety


If you've chosen security and safety as your "why light?" reason, you can expect your designer to create a design that allows you to not only travel to and from various areas around of your home safely, but also a design that allows you illuminate dark packets in your Landscape. This can help deter potential intruders, keeping you and your loved ones safer. 

Visual Appeal


Visual appeal is a broad term, because depending on your homes architecture and landscape you may have several types of Lighting techniques that you can choose from. For example, if you have water features or garden accents that you want to showcase, then accent lighting is your priority. If your home has a beautiful architecture and you want to create depth and highlight key elements, you'll opt for Architectural wall or wash Lighting. Lastly, another example of "visual appeal" Lighting is Downlighting or Uplighting. These are use to highlight and accentuate beautiful and mature trees. 

By planning your budget amount, prioritizing your wants and needs, and communicating clearly with your Landscape Lighting designer, you should be able to come up with a design that fits your needs and doesn't break the bank. 

Are you in need of landscape lighting?

If you are looking for a high quality landscape lighting system for your home but don't know where to start, take the first step and request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only a functional property, but one that highlights the beauty of your home even at night. 

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