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Project Highlight: Bringing Security and Curb Appeal to a Salt Lake Home


Landscape lighting is the perfect way to enhance the curb appeal to any home. On this particular project it was especially true due to the fact that we were able to highlight all the beauty the home had to offer. From the architecture to the landscaping to the outdoor living space, we were able to accentuate all the beauty this property had to offer. 

Check out the lighting design for this home below! 

Front architecture 

The architecture of this home was just impeccable. All the arches and peaks, along with the stone siding, create such a depth of beauty. Adding architectural lighting to the home brought a whole new level of curb appeal to the home at night. The lighting also was able to bring a new level of security to the home because a well-lit home deters unwanted trespassers. The illumination of the landscape around the home also aids in creating safety from a well-lit home.


We also incorporated path lighting along the sidewalk leading up to the front door. Lighting the pathways to and from the home's entrances allows both the homeowner and guests who are unfamiliar with the layout of the path walk with ease. Since this particular walkway had a curve, path lights were a must! 

In order to achieve the lighting of the driveway, we sued downlight in the nearby trees. Mounted high-up in the tree, the downlight casts a soft glow over the driveway. The shadows from the tree's foliage create a beautiful design on the concrete, making it feel like a perfect moonlit evening. 

Side pathway

This amazing stone path that leads to the back of the home was desperate for outdoor lighting. Path lights were installed along the stone walk to eliminate the chance of tripping while trekking to the backyard. 


We also washed the perimeter wall with light to bring a much needed balance and composition to the area. The lighting is subtle yet incredibly essential to the area. It highlights the beauty of the well designed space while bringing that much needed lighting to guide those on the path. 

Outdoor living space 

The goal for this backyard was to bring functionality to all the different areas of the outdoor living space. We wanted to give the owner the ability to utilize every part of their amazing property well into the evening. 

Starting with the fantastic rock staircase, we knew the part of the landscaping needed illuminated. We added path lights along the edges of the the staircase to accentuate the steps. This addition not only creates a safe stairwell, it also highlights the beauty of both the steps themselves and the rock wall lining them. 


Next, we incorporated lighting into the permanent fire pit in the middle of the property. We added undercap lighting beneath the lip of the fire pit's edge. This lighting technique is designed to bring a subtle light to guide those around the fire pit with ease and safety.

Along with the steps and the fire pit, we also brought light to the stone wall lining the edge of the property. We did this in order to subtly illuminate both the perimeter of the property as well as bring light to the pool area. 

The idea was to bring light to the perimeter of the property to eliminate those dark holes where trespassers can linger. We also wanted to illuminate the pool area to allow swimmers to walk the pool deck safely when taking a night swim. 

Back architecture 

Like the front of the home, the architecture in the back of the home was spectacular. The multiple decks, landscaping, and overall look of the home deserved to showcased at night. We used a combination of downlighting and uplighting to create the balance of light seen in the image below. 


Balance is key when designing a landscape lighting system. If you don't have that balance and composition, the beauty of the home can be diminished because the light is not highlighting the home in the best possible way. Involving a landscape lighting professional is a great way to ensure the desired look for your lighting system is achieved. 

Check out more pictures from this project in the highlight video below! 

Need help with your outdoor lighting project?

If you are looking for a professional to help with your outdoor lighting design and installation, request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only a functional property, but one that highlights the beauty of your home even at night. 

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