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Project Highlight: Providing Ambiance and Functionality in Utah County


This property is the perfect place for any type of get-together. From infinity pool, to the multiple sitting areas, and fire pits, it is a homeowners dream. Our team had the pleasure of adding landscape lighting to enhance all the beautiful aspects this property had to offer.

Undercap lights 

pathway-lightingWhen we saw this amazing walkway, we knew installing our undercap light fixture directly to the permanent wall was a must! This fixture is great because it is extremely effective at night and barely noticeable in daylight.

We also installed lighting on the opposing side to bring life to the incredible wall from the infinity pool along side the walkway. This walkway benefited greatly from these undercap lights not only in the sense of functionality, but in ambiance. The beauty of the brick in the walkway and the tiles of the infinity wall are now able to be admired both day and night.

Path lights 


These gorgeous, rock steps were in need of path lights. By simply adding three of our ___ path lights, we were able to add a level of safety to these steps. Illuminating them allows this staircase to be safely ascended or descend even in the dark! 

The light the fixtures cast on the steps also creates a visual appealing display when the sun  goes down. Each step has a unique texture to it which is highlighted when the light touches the staircase.



Bistros are the the easiest way to bring character to any outdoor space. In this particular project we added them to multiple areas, this fire pit area being one of them!

The addition of bistros allowed us to bring an entirely new level of ambiance to the fire pit area. They also highlight the beauty of the rock wall that is a backdrop to the fire pit. Illuminating the area simply brought a whole new depth of occasion to the space. 

Wall wash 


This property featured a gorgeous retaining wall surrounding the perimeter. Up lighting was installed to illuminate the outline of the property.

Providing light to the perimeter of the property not only highlights the great texture of the wall, it provides a safety element to the entire property. A well lit landscape deters trespassers and eliminates dark holes in a landscape. 



When we saw this play set, we knew we needed to add lighting to bring life to it even at night! A simple downlight was perfect for this play set because it brightens the area in a way that is functional and provides safety for the kids that play on it.

Lighting the play set allows it to be used during those evenings that it gets dark before the parents are ready to go inside. We loved lighting this set for the kids!

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