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St. George Project Highlight: Creating a Desert Sanctuary with Landscape Lighting


We love that we are able to install lighting year round here in St. George. While the ground is frozen in other parts of Utah, St. George is warm enough for us to get in the ground and burry the wire for our lighting systems.

The energy and landscape that St. George presents is so different than that of other parts of Utah. It allows our designers to be creative and light properties in a responsible and harmonious way that are in line with the culture that these desert homes present.

 This blog highlights one of our favorite lighting projects we have done in St. George. The amazing desert landscape and architecture this property presented made our job easy.

Here are 4 ways we brought light to this desert home in St. George!

Desert landscape

landscape-lighting-st george

There is something special about the desert landscape that makes it so spectacular to illuminate. Each element has its own unique look and feel that bring drama to a landscape. Adding lighting to all the cacti and palms creates gorgeous lines that adds such curb appeal to a home.

This particular project had so much to bring light to! Such great landscape lined the architecture that allowed us to light both at once. The lights were able to show off the amazing textures of the home’s architecture and the desert landscape, creating a warm and welcoming home.

Path lighting


Lighting walkways is one of the most common ways people light their homes. Path lights cast just enough light to easily guide you and guests safely to and from the entrances. They also bring a welcoming feel to the entrances of your home because it is very clear to those visiting where to go.

This lighting fixture is great for homes in St. George area because the light is directed downward. The hood of the fixture blocks any light from shining upward, respecting the dark sky friendly ordinances that are in place in this area. This walkway not only is well-lit for those walking it, but it also allows the homeowner to show off the incredible stone that makes-up the path itself! 

Retaining wall

outdoor-lighting-st george

Incorporating lighting on the perimeters of a property is one of the greatest ways to bring safety. When we add lights to the perimeter of a property, it eliminates those dark holes that lume in the back of the yard that entice trespassers.

These dark spaces are especially true in in HOA’s like Entrada and Ivins that are dark sky friendly and have lighting ordinances in place. The dark sky is something to preserve, so that is why adding small, warm touches of light like we did for this retaining wall can bring such a safe and beautiful feel to the entire property.

Rock formation


The placement of these rocks create a dramatic and beautiful addition to this landscape. In the same way a statue or water feature catch the eye in a landscape, we felt these rocks drew the eye. We wanted to highlight them in a way that all of the jaded edges were brought to life in a powerful yet sophisticated way.

The different landscape elements also adds such depth to this space. We love how they bring that desert oasis feel to the area and provide contrast between the rock formations. The lighting technique used, while still being honoring lighting ordinances, brings such beauty to not only this particular spot on the property, but the property as a whole.

Do you have a desert home that needs outdoor lighting?

If you'd like to learn more about how we can enhance your desert sanctuary, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment with one of our lighting designers, request a consultation through our website, or call our office at (801) 440-7647.

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