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Protecting your Landscape Lighting from the Outdoor Elements

While one of the expected outcomes of adding outdoor landscape lighting is to enhance your yard and create a warm environment, knowing which light to use and how to position is instrumental in delivering the desired effect. But with so many options from which to choose, from ambient mood lighting to productive task lighting, another key consideration is how best to protect the lighting from the elements and which lights offer the best protection. 

Things you will want to consider are how to protect your outdoor landscape lighting from insects, weather, and more. Unsure which of these is the best for you? The following will help you in reviewing your options.  

Keeping Insects from your Lighting

As we all know, bugs are attracted to light at night. It isn't so much the light, but rather the heat given off by the outdoor lighting which attracts them. Besides being a nuisance to your outdoor activities, the attracted bugs can also cause damage to your lighting as well. 

Since LED lights give off much less heat, they can be a great solution for lighting your yard and home exterior. LED lights can be used in many different, yet effective ways, to enhance your outdoor experience.  

Another approach to consider reducing insect attraction to your lighting is a more natural one, birds! Birds love to eat bugs, so by making your yard attractive to birds, you can help to promote a more eco-friendly way to address the bugs. The use of bird feeders and water features like ponds, fountains, and bird baths can help attract the types of birds which will prey on the insects attracted to your lights at night. 


Properly Placing your Lights

Location is Important! When considering where to place your light initially, it is really important to consider how best to position those lights and deploy strategies to protect them for the long term. 

Trying to place your outdoor lighting in locations that will both protect them AND deliver the desired effect on your yard or home is the ideal approach. This might include installing lights under overhangs of leaves or other protected extrusions to keep moisture off the fixtures. When lights are used in outdoor settings with ceilings, like porches or similar structures, using recessed bulbs will help to protect them from exposure to elements as well as from bugs as previously mentioned. 

When working with Landscape Lighting Pro we take our job seriously to plan and place fixtures in spots that will keep them protected from the climates while still giving them space to transform your property with the right illumination. We know all the tips and tricks to keep the fixtures on your property illuminated while also protecting your lights. 

Use the Proper Fixtures and Bulbs

Not all light bulbs and supporting fixtures are meant to be used outside. The best practice is to use those from trusted manufacturers and rated them for outdoor use. These should be fixtures and lighting labeled as being water-resistant, or better waterproof. Installing something not labeled is something to consider avoiding or risk having to revisit again later. 

LED Lights 

LED lights have demonstrated their ability to withstand mother nature's effects. As LED light bulbs are sealed, this allows them to repel the damage which can be caused by the wind and rain while also keeping the hard sun from degrading them over time. To provide further protection the way LED wiring is integrated into the strand adds to their endurance.  

Are you looking for a professional lighting design? 

If you are looking for a professional to help with your landscape lighting installation, request a consultation here! Let our designers create not only a functional property, but one that highlights the beauty of your home even at night. 

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