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Quality and Value: A Guideline to Outdoor Lighting Decision - Making


“The bitterness of poor quality remains after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten”   Benjamin Franklin

This quote is so true in regards to the Landscape Lighting Industry.  You can go into “big box” hardware stores and find a complete lighting system in a box at a real attractive price.  Installation is relatively straight forward and doable.  In relatively little time you will have a landscape lighting system.  At that point, ask yourself how long will this system last before repair and replacement of parts will occur?  Maybe it will be a few years or a few months. (Remember, in Utah we have those long cold and snowy months of winter).  Or, you can contact Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah and consult and ask these questions to the lighting professional who has experience and expertise in the landscape lighting Industry, especially here in Utah.


“Price is what you pay-Value is what you get” Warren Buffett

The concept of Value consists of a continuum from poor value to priceless value.  The hidden value of buying quality when purchasing an outdoor lighting system is not just the components, but also the installation techniques, maintenance service and resultant ambience of highlighting certain features in your landscape with the perfect lighting of those features.  Your decks, porches, water features, decorative plants and flowers as well as gathering areas, pergolas and fire pits require collaboration with an outdoor lighting professional.  Working in concert, you can present your interpretation of how you want your landscape lighting system to reflect your values and quality concerns.  Your lighting project will reflect the pride you have in the ownership of your home and property.  Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah takes all this in to consideration when working with you to design an outdoor lighting system that will extent and enhance your outdoor experience into the evening hours with family and friends or a bit of personal solitude for yourself.



“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing” Lord Henry Motton

The above adage written in the late 1800’s is as true now as it was 170 years ago.  The difference, in regards to landscape lighting, is the availability of the internet and insurmountable amounts of information about outdoor lighting products and the vast range of prices.  More difficult is the lack of information in regards to quality and value and the cost of purchasing lower quality and value to fit into your perceived budget. Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah can explain and enlighten you as to what the “realistic costs” are during the life of your landscape lighting system in regards to design, installation and maintenance of your lighting project.  When budgets restrict your purchasing a quality outdoor lighting system, you can consult with Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah to discuss the ability to develop your system in segments over time and avoid making decisions that compromise utilizing quality and value in the project.

“Quality begins on the inside, then works it’s way out” Robert Moawad

Give Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah a call and they can help you create a quality lighting system that truly reflects your appreciation for the concepts of quality and value in all your decisions in life.

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