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Residential Outdoor Security Lighting Tips: What Designers Think About

Crime is a very real problem. It happens everywhere, and no one is immune to it. But effective outdoor security lighting can greatly decrease the chances of crime impacting you or your property. 

Let's discuss what professional lighting designers think about when they design beautiful outdoor lighting with security in mind. 


What Makes For Effective Outdoor Security Lighting?

Outdoor security lighting is no replacement for a quality home security system with sensors, cameras, and a direct line to emergency services. 


However, outdoor lighting does do a lot to dissuade would be trespassers from entering your property in the first place. 

Contrary to popular belief, effective security lighting for residential purposes relies on illuminating specific areas rather than flooding everything with a single flood light.  

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The advantage security lights lend to your property is deterrence. Trespassers are simply deterred by a well let home. Remember, a well lit property is a property less trespassed.

The more visible a trespasser will be stepping onto a well lit property, the greater the risk of them being seen. In the criminal mind, it makes more sense to target a dark home that looks empty over a well lit home that presents greater risk. 

Here are a few of the places a lighting designer will focus on washing in the right light. 

  • Parking Areas
Security Lighting For Parked Cars

If you have vehicles parked out in the open overnight, it's a good idea to have a light cast on them. If a security camera is meant to catch someone in the act, then security lighting is meant to help keep them from approaching the vehicle in the first place.

If for some reason they do decide to risk breaking into your parked car, they will show up in vivid detail for the camera thanks to the light shining on them. The night vision mode on security cameras tends to wash things out, and obscure details. 

  • The Garage

The garage is one of the most targeted places around a home. Having the garage lit is always a good idea. But don't just light the garage door area, be sure that the side door is also lit. 

Garage-security-lighting-slcThis side door is where garage related incidents tend to happen most often. This goes for any windows or other potential access points to the garage as well. 

  • Doorways

Front door, back door, side door, or any other doorway that leads into your home needs to be lit. Doorways are another place where intrusions take place. 

Residential Security Lighting

  • Windows

The areas around your windows should also be lit with care. Windows work two ways. They reveal the interior of your home to others, just as much as they allow you to see out into the yard. If the areas around your windows are rendered with an ample amount of light, they will feel less inviting to those who might use them for viewing purposes without you knowing. 

  • Dark Areas Around the Property (The Advantages of Landscape Lighting)

Low voltage landscape lights are tremendously underrated as a form of security lighting. In fact, it tends to be one of the most effective methods of security lighting because it extends the light through out the property, all the way to the outside borders. Landscape lighting does far more than just make the property look stunning.

Landscape lighting expands a ring of protection throughout / around your property because it illuminates all the areas that would otherwise be left dark. Landscape lighting leaves very few places for a trespasser to remain hidden. 

In the picture below, you can see how landscape lighting enables you to see detail further out into the property than a simple back porch light would allow.

Home Security Lighting

 Not only does landscape lighting make your yard look beautiful at night, it also gives you more visual control over your surroundings.  

Having lights throughout the property is a key component to creating a security system that provides a real sense of safety. 

At the end of the day, security lighting is meant to deter trespassers and leave you with peace of mind. If your security lighting isn't going to be effective at deterring trespassers and let you see what is happening out your windows at night, then why bother? 

If you are looking to add security lighting to your property, why not reach out to your local outdoor lighting designer? They understand the fine points to security lighting and can help you fashion a security lighting system that is tailored to the layout of your home and its vulnerabilities.  Outdoor Security Lighting

Landscape Lighting Makes All the Difference

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