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Resort Living: Professional Landscape Lighting

When most people think resort lighting, they automatically picture night time scenes of island retreats with palm trees and sandy beaches. While these lovely pictures of paradise are inspiring, the truth is that the right resort inspired landscape lighting can make any space feel like a slice of heaven. 

 Creating an Escape



Even here in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, we can transform an outdoor living space into a truly majestic scene with low-voltage landscape lighting. As surprising as it sounds, the trick isn't to try and create a lighting design meant for an island retreat. We've found that by listening closely to our client's needs and ideas. Their space can be turned into the picturesque scene they've been envisioning. 

This home is a beautiful example of what happens when masterful landscape lighting design married with a homeowner's vision and expectations for their outdoor living space.


Working Towards a Goal

When Keith first met with this homeowner, we had just completed the lighting project for his next door neighbor's property. He saw the lighting we did around his neighbor's back landscape / pool deck & asked us to come consult with him about his own lighting system. 


The big question we had to ask, the first questions we ask everyone is why light? How do you enjoy your outdoor living and what do you want to accomplish by adding outdoor lighting

While he did have an old lighting system in place, he wasn't loving it & saw how replacing it with a new system would provide him with a more desirable end result. This homeowner knew what he wanted and after meeting with him we had a list of specific things that would be important to the design.

  • Lighting around the pool was a big priority!
  • He wanted to be able to turn on color changing lights around the pool and the main water feature of entertaining. Fire-Pit-Draper-Lighting_Stair_Accents
  • Having the system broken down into different zones that could be turned on and off remotely was also a priority. (This way certain zones could be turned on when entertaining, and turned off during personal enjoyment)
  • Safety lighting for paths & stairs. 
  • Balanced landscape highlights to create a composed backdrop. 
  • An overall sense of security & beauty.

Putting It All Together

Creating this inspiring design required both years of knowledge in detailed lighting design & a talented team of craftsman for its installation. The technical pieces in this design required careful precision & planning.

When it comes to hardscape lighting  our install crew has had to become adept at finding ways to install lights in difficult places. On 90% of the projects we walk onto, we are getting their after the fact: all construction is finished and in place long before we arrive on the scene. 

Core Drilled Pool Deck Light

This means our team has to do a lot of cutting, grinding and drilling to get our lights installed in cement and other challenging areas. Yet despite all the cutting & drilling, you'd be amazed by how flawlessly it all turns out. It can be difficult to even tell where they were working when everything is said and done.  


The Magic of Lighting

It goes without saying that resort inspired living is a beautiful thing to see. But it's also important to remember that a landscape lighting project is defined and designed around the needs of the client.  Creating any kind of haven, any type of escape from the rest of the world, no matter the scope or scale of the project, takes a lot of time & energy on the part of the homeowner. Professional outdoor lighting is magical because it is tailored around an outdoor living space in order to enhance its features and capture all the hard work that has made the space into something beautiful. 

It's for this reason that - all over the country - professional landscape lighting firms like Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah are so sought after.


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