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Security Lighting: Benefits of Landscape Lighting When out of Town

Landscape lighting can serve as your first line of defense when it comes to home security, especially when you are out of town. A well lit home serves a threat to any trespasser because it creates the opportunity to be seen. 

Here are 3 ways we incorporate landscape lighting to a property to provide security when you are out of town: 



Architecture lighting is on of the best ways to incorporate outdoor lighting for security. As you can see from the before and after picture above, it completely transform the way the house is perceived. 

The before photo depicts a cold and dark home that feels almost lifeless. The after is warm, welcoming, and full of life because it is well-lit. The home in the after image poses as a major threat to any intruder; it’s the “the lights are on, someone must be home,” mentality. Security and curb appeal is all wrapped into one with architecture lighting!



Another main way to add security to your home through outdoor lighting is to illuminate the landscape. When we light the landscaping of a property, it eliminates pockets of dark spaces in every area of the property. 

It allows you to avoid places for trespassers to hid and to be unseen. Getting rid of these dark pockets creates a predicament for those trying to sneak up on your home and pushes them to other home for an easier, less risky invasion. 



A simple yet effective way to create a layer of defense for your home is by adding lighting to the walkways leading up to the home. This in conjunction with both architectural and landscape lighting creates the ultimate first layer of defense. 

Obviously our walkways are designed to lead to the entrances of our homes. Providing lighting in these areas cuts down on the opportunity for someone to approach without being seen. 

Tips when Traveling 

When it comes to landscape lighting and security for when you are out of town, it is important to make sure your timers are up to date and working properly. If you are out of town and your lights are staying on all day and night, it can be a strong indicator that you are not home.

Like we said before, when the lights are on at a house, it gives “the lights are on, someone must be home,” mentality. This mentality however gets cancelled if the lights are constantly on with no change. If you need help resetting your timers, check out our tutorial videos here, or fill out our contact form to schedule a service tech to come out and help! 

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