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St. George Outdoor Lighting Design: Modern Desert Oasis

Creating a modern desert oasis can be accomplished by using a combination of the appropriate lighting fixtures and strategic placement. By doing so we are able to illuminate and distinguish the unique desert landscape & the homes architectural features.

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We had so much fun on this project! We were easily able to show off the amazing landscape features along with the homes beautiful architecture by using low voltage landscape lighting fixtures.

Read more about how we created a warm and welcoming home. 

Entry way

We wanted to employ a desert inspired outdoor lighting design that would help create a stunning and welcoming entrance to this alluring desert home.  The space was artistically enhanced with a warm and inviting glow by strategically placing soft wash lights, we were able to highlight & showcase the beautiful slate entry way. 

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Modern fixtures

On this project our designer has tastefully illuminated this pathway, using our new modern path light fixtures. Path lights are great because they shed light downwards as to not disrupt the night sky. These fixtures are commonly distinguished by their straightforward design and minimal aesthetics.  By using these fixtures, we were able to achieve a beautiful soft, warmly toned, well lit pathway. 

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Desert landscape

There is something special about the desert landscape that makes it so spectacular to illuminate. Each Element has it's own look and feel. Many desert homes feature native desert plants like cacti, palm, drought resistant trees and rock work. Adding light to these elements enhances the beauty of the landscape and creates a great backdrop to your home and outdoor living space. 

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Our goal when it comes to desert landscape lighting is not to over light, but to highlight the beauty with soft, warmly toned light. By doing so, it enhances all the features of the desert foliage and architectural design of the home.


If you want to make your St. George home your desert oasis, give us a call at 801-440-7647, or fill out a consultation request from by clicking the link above. One of our designers in St. George will come out for a consultation and create a lighting design specifically for you.

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