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Summertime with Safety in Mind: Security LED Landscape Lighting

It's summer. What a perfect time to host a barbecue, wedding or birthday party, and what better way to show off your home than to install landscape security lighting. It's also the time when property and home theft occurs along with drownings and accidents, typically in and around pools or other water features. Having well-lit paths and surrounding areas can ensure peace of mind.


When darkness sets in, a setting can change dramatically. Shadows form, which may look real when they're not and vice-versa, and for and backgrounds blur together, so as to trick the eye into believing they are real. Having a well-lit pathway to an outdoor living area, kitchen, pool, or driveway is essential.

This is also the time burglars take advantage of homes that contain alcoves, in which to hide, such as bushes and large trees. If you have shrubs under a window or a tree leading to a bedroom window, you may want to think about installing landscape lighting around those areas to stave off potential crime. Also, if you're outdoors and a storm comes up, particularly at night, it's important to have a well-lit path in which to see clearly.


Balance and Composition: A Working Strategy

When it comes to designing and planning landscape security lighting, Keith and his team at Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah have a motto in which they do business: Balance and Composition. According to Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, they design with not only what's in your landscape but what's not; and when it comes to safety, their philosophy is to install lighting that balances both ambiance and aesthetic appeal, which when done right, allows for security, as well. These LED lights could include path lighting, wash-lighting, or up and down lighting. The key is to not over do or under do one area, so balance is important.

For example, in the summer and fall, you may want to extend your outdoor living into the evening, to create the ambiance and keep the party going; but you want a safe environment for guests and a deterrent for mischievous activity, as well. Lighting your stairwells and having a well-lit pathway to your home or garage is important, as well as ensuring security around water features. You can plan your lighting to match your landscape and add security, so a perfect balance is achieved.

Safety & Security

Pinpointing those areas that include opportunities for mischief is also vital to ensuring your home and property stay safe. As stated above, you may have landscape shrubs or trees that are perfect hiding places for thieves to hide behind or go undetected, so you may want to trim your plants, along with having the right security lighting installed.

A tip you may not have considered includes the safety of your property when you're away on vacation. Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah recommends that you keep your lighting behavior the same while you're away, as when you're home. The reason being is that if someone has been casing your home and they notice you have timed lights that come up at certain times in the day and night, they are better able to ascertain the best time to strike or it may deter them from striking at all. If you leave and change the timing or any other lighting or security behavior, they may observe that and know you're away. So, it's better to not change your behavior when you're away, as that's a dead giveaway to burglars.



Landscape Lighting Makes All the Difference 

At Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, the art of outdoor illumination is a real passion we work to perfect. Designing elegantly bespoke landscape lighting systems is simply all we do. For over 15 years, our award winning team of designers and craftsmen have striven to bring the best outdoor lighting experience possible to people's homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front and beyond. 

Located in Midvale, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah installs, maintains, and repairs lighting systems throughout Utah's residential areas, including Salt Lake City, Park City, Draper, Davis, and Utah Counties. 

If you have an upcoming project you'd like help with, call us at (801) 440-7647 for more information, schedule a free consultation, or feel free to simply fill out a contact form on our website, www.utahlights.com

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