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The Importance of Outdoor LED Maintenance

You may be in one of these scenarios: You've just had beautiful LED outdoor lighting installed or you're thinking about having LED lights installed, or you're looking to maintain LED lights you already have had installed. Now, the next step should be learning about outdoor LED maintenance. Here are some things you may not know about the upkeep of LED outdoor lights, and in which Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has the knowledge and service available to assist you.




Facts about LED Lights

The popularity of LED lighting only just increased in the past decade or so, replacing traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. Of course, with new technology, comes new knowledge, as well as responsibility of outdoor LED maintenance. It's first having the knowledge of how LED lights can benefit you, not only in space saving, but as well as long-term durability.

LED outdoor lights have many advantages over traditional lighting, which include strength, long-term viability, low voltage, to ensure balanced lighting, as well as energy savings. Whether you lighting goals include beautification, security, or highlighting certain areas of your landscape, having well-maintained LED lights should be your ultimate long term plan for ensuring sustainability of your lights. At Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, our team offers a service plan to assure your LED lighting system will last for years to come.

LED Maintenance Issues

Outdoor LED maintenance may sound like an oxymoron, and this is where some myths about LED lighting have surfaced. Many companies think you can install LED lights and it's an install and let-em-go type scenario. The truth is, just like any lighting source, LED lights need continuing maintenance for long-term sustainability and vivid, attractive display.

Tree-down-and-up-lighting-water-pond-Salt-Lake-City-Utah-1.jpgLED Landscape Lighting maintenance can include simple services, such as re lamping or cleaning of your lights, replacing defective parts, or revamping certain areas of your landscape. It may also include periodical replacing or reprogramming and re calibrating your exiting LED lights. Whatever the reason, it's best to have someone who not only knows how to maintain your existing LED lights, but can ensure they will be there for the short and long-term. When you choose Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, you are marrying knowledge and expertise with maintenance and excellent  customer service.

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One issue, which may crop up in regards to outdoor LED maintenance, would be reliability issues. What I mean by that is, even though LED lighting manufacturers have come a long way in how drive current and temperature affects the performance of LED lights, there is still the issue of maintaining said lights; this responsibility ultimately falls on the homeowner, but which our team can assist you.

When installing LED lights, planning for long-term maintenance is a smart idea, ensuring the investment you put into your landscape lighting returns to you in dividends. 

The Future of LED Lighting Technology

In a recent study, the Department of Energy concluded that within the next five years, LED lighting sources will reach a maximum 50,000 hours of service in lamps, and 100,000 hours in luminaries, which equates to 35 years of service. This is exciting news for both manufacturers and consumers of LED lights.

There are still certain exceptions to every rule, and when color quality is important, there may be a need for increased outdoor LED maintenance or replacing of the LED lighting source. Of course, this also reflects on the LED designer and manufacturer, of which Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah only employs the best.


For more information on how we can best maintain your LED lights, please visit our website at and fill out a form for a free consultation or give us a call at 801-440-7647. We look forward to assisting you with your landscaping needs.

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