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The Notorious Question Asked by Lighting Designers: Why Light?

The first thing we ask all our clients when we meet is why light: why are we here, what do we want to achieve with your landscape lighting design. When you meet with a professional lighting designer, this will be the most important question they ask.

It sounds like a silly question, but it’s important they ask none the less. It’s surprising just how different people’s responses can be and this information is critical to how successful the overall lighting design ends up being. If the lights look beautiful but they don’t fall in line with what the homeowner wanted, then the lighting designer failed to meet their client’s expectations.

Different homeowners are in need of different lighting approaches. Some are worried about security, others are more concerned about creating beauty and ambiance for their back patio / outdoor living space. There are also those who care more about safety / task, people’s ability to traverse a property or complete tasks in the dark.

We’ve heard people give other reasons for wanting to have their home lit, but these three reasons – security, ambiance, and safety – are the most prominent reasons we hear.


Crime happens everywhere and anyone can fall victim to it. It only makes sense that security lighting can be a priority. Landscape lighting allows one to look into their landscape and have greater visual control over their surroundings. A well illuminated property also creates a deterrence for trespassers who don’t want to be seen. Visual control, coupled with the way security lighting deters trespassers, is why proper security lighting is so effective.  



Extending the enjoyment an outdoor living space provides into the evening hours is why many seek to have their property illuminated. It goes without saying that landscape lighting delivers beauty and ambiance to a setting. This is one of the best parts about outdoor lighting when it’s done right. Creating a haven, an escape from the world, is why people put so much work into creating a beautiful living space. Adding landscape lighting to all this effort is like adding the sprinkles on top that help to make it all feel complete.


Task / Safety

When task / safety lighting is simply a lighting approach focused on providing functional lighting. Task lighting is often brought up by homeowners looking to make their home a safer place to traverse in the evening. Many are simply looking to have steps and pathways illuminated to decrease tripping hazards and make journeys from the back door to the fire pit a safer endeavor. Task lighting can also be seen implemented in outdoor kitchens to make sure that steak dinner doesn’t go from medium rare to well done... 


While there are many reasons why people look to have landscape lighting done, these three lighting approaches are what we hear clients bring up most often. But these three landscape lighting design approaches aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have security lighting that doesn’t sacrifice beauty or ambiance like you can have an outdoor living space lit to help people see what they are doing more safely.

Knowing what you are looking for out of your lighting, and sharing that information with your landscape lighting designer, is the best way to get the results out of your lighting you’re hoping to experience.

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