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The Simple Truth to Landcape Lighting

Topics: Commercial Lighting | Hiring a Lighting Professional | Landscape Lighting Design

Recently, a customer of ours left a nice google review we enjoyed musing over: "Great job for a fair price. They actually cared that I was satisfied." While this review was short and to the point, it really got us thinking about what's important to us as a company - Why we work so hard to ensure that all our clients are satisfied. 

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Security & Beauty: Low Voltage Commercial Lighting for Your Business

Topics: Commercial Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design |

It doesn't matter if it is a local restaurant or jewelry store, for many commercial property owners, night time security is an enormous concern. The safety of a business' employees an patrons is something that all businesses feel is important to address. The problem many face is finding a way to add effective security lighting without completely engulfing every corner of their parking lot with flood lights. The last thing any business owner wants (with the exception of car dealers and big box store parking lots) is for their property's lighting to resemble a football stadium or prison yard. 

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What to Look for in an HOA Landscape Lighting Contract

Topics: Commercial Lighting |

We all want our neighborhoods or apartment complexes to be safe, welcoming andsecure — and installing lighting can help you achieve that.

When you and the other HOA members decide to enhance your property, it’s time to start working with a landscape lighting company.

But before you start to work with them, make sure you understand the contract and aren’t left in the dark about what is and isn’t included.

Here are things to look for in an HOA landscape lighting contract.

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How to Create Elegant Outdoor Restaurant Lighting

Topics: Commercial Lighting |

So you’re dining outdoors on a restaurant patio, and you can’t wait for your Spanish pork with apple-citrus salsa to arrive. Here it is! Wait. Is that it?

You shouldn’t have to squint to make sure.

I dine out a lot, both here at home and all across the country. And, naturally, I always notice a restaurant’s outdoor lighting.

Often, it could use a lot of work.

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Utah Freedom Memorial - Feature Outdoor Lighting

Topics: Commercial Lighting |

     This blog is being written on Memorial Day May 26, 2014 ten days after the dedication of the Utah Freedom Memorial at the Sandy City Hall.  This memorial is in honor of ALL Utah military service men and women from the past to the present and for the future.  In particular, it honors Adam Galvez, a Sandy resident, who was killed in combat in Iraq serving his country and protecting the freedoms we all experience and cherish.

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