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Tips and Tricks for Tree Accent Lighting

Topics: Down Lights | Landscape Design | Tree Lighting

When it comes to planning your outdoor lighting for your home, you should contemplate every feature of your property. The first step is making sure the light is properly balanced across your yard. This means you need to consider both the lighting of your home and your yard. One of the biggest challenges is finding the ideal parts of your landscape to spotlight. An item often overlooked is distinctive trees in your yard. There are a number of ways to light up trees and elements to consider when choosing what is best for you. With the help of Landscape Lighting Pro, we have come up with some great tips. 

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Our Favorite String Lights for a Beautiful Back Patio

Topics: Landscape Design | Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Fixtures

String lights can make all the difference for a night out on the patio with friends and family. In this post, we discuss string lights and our favorite ways they can be used in your outdoor space.

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Lighting Your Driveway with Down Lighting for Beauty and Safety

Topics: Landscape Design | Lighting Specialist | Outdoor Lights

Illuminating your driveway can add both beauty and safety. In this post, we discuss our favorite driveway lighting technique, down lighting.

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Landscape Designers: Have You Found the Right Lighting Designer?

Topics: Hiring a Lighting Professional | Landscape Design | Landscape Designer

Have you ever found it challenging to find a landscape lighting specialist who fits your process?

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