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Dark Sky Ordinance: Promontory, Glenwild, & Park City Outdoor Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Fixtures | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Lighting your property requires finesse. Especially when it comes to dark sky friendly lighting in Park City, Utah.

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Desert Landscape Lighting for your St. George Home

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design | Lighting Project

If you're used to desert living, then you know the cooler evening temperatures are always a welcome relief. After the blistering heat of the day disappears with the setting sun, we get to enjoy time out on the patio or next to the pool with friends and family.

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3 Wash Lighting Tips for a Spectacular Outdoor Lighting Effects

Topics: Commercial Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design

Wash lighting is one of the secret ingredients to creating beautiful outdoor lighting design. However, understanding how to incorporate wash lighting can be tricky. In this post, we discuss tips for how and where wash lighting can be used to light your home or property.

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The Best Floodlight Techniques to Light Your Home or Property

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design

What exactly is flood lighting and how can it be used to improve your home's curb appeal?

First off, flood lighting might not be the best term to convey the lighting effect this technique is meant to create. The phrase "flood lighting" puts us in mind of an over powered bright light, atop a post, washing light over everything.

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Home Security While on Vacation is as Simple as Landscape Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design | Light Trespass

Worrying about your home's security while on vacation is natural. A great security measure to keep your home safe is making it look lived in while you're away. At night, landscape lighting can make your home look like a someone is home.

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Questions I Wish I'd Asked Before Planning My Landscape Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Installation | Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Your landscape lighting system should be tailored to your needs: Understanding the way you enjoy your outdoor space is essential to an enjoyable outdoor lighting design.

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Come Home to Light: Why Landscape Lighting is so Important

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Installation |

A client once said to me that her outdoor lighting is something she can't go without. I felt this was a bold statement, landscape lighting can't be that important to our clients, considering so many of us have lived without landscape lighting for most of our lives. 

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Modern Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting (Inspirational Images)

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

Pulling up to a dark and ominous home at night can be anything but charming. Adding curb appeal to your home in the evening can be achieved with beautiful landscape lighting. In this post, we share how this modern home was transformed in the evening with a subtle detail: landscape lighting. 

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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Sandy Utah: Beautiful Secret Garden

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

This beautiful pond and garden located in Sandy, Utah, is a hidden gem, that's had a lot of love poured into it. When the homeowners first purchased this home, there was just a hill with some grass

Over the last 20 years they've transformed this space into a truly magical escape. Their decision to add low voltage landscape lighting made all the difference in how they now they can now use and enjoy this space in the evening. 

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3 Wash Lighting Ideas to Make Your LED Landscape Lighting Magical

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design |

Wash lighting ties your landscape and home's architecture together. The ambient light produced by wash lighting is the secret to a beautifully lit property. 

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