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Troubleshooting Tips For When Landscape Lights Stop Working

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape lights are wonderful, that is, until they stop working. Attempting to troubleshoot the reason why your lighting system's inexplicably stopped working can be a challenge if you're not sure where to start. 

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The Best Floodlight Techniques to Light Your Home or Property

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design

What exactly is flood lighting and how can it be used to improve your home's curb appeal?

First off, flood lighting might not be the best term to convey the lighting effect this technique is meant to create. The phrase "flood lighting" puts us in mind of an over powered bright light, atop a post, washing light over everything.

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Home Security While on Vacation is as Simple as Landscape Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design | Light Trespass

Worrying about your home's security while on vacation is natural. A great security measure to keep your home safe is making it look lived in while you're away. At night, landscape lighting can make your home look like a someone is home.

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Take a Load Off: Converting Your Outdoor Lighting System from Halogen to LED

Topics: Landscape Lighting | LED Lighting |

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to convert your outdoor lighting system from halogen lamps to LED lamps.

you may want to cut down your energy bill, you might want to expand your outdoor lighting system, or you could simply want to have something that will cut down routine maintenance.

Whatever the case, there is no downside to retrofitting your outdoor lighting system with LED lamps!

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Why Lighting your Japanese Maple Tree Is A Must

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Tree Lighting |

The Japanese Maple Tree, as its name sake suggests, is a native tree to Japan and grows throughout East Asia. Its slender warped branches will either reach upwards towards the sky, or form a domed canopy.

Japanese Maples have brightly colored leaves in different shades of red, green, purple, and yellow. Even though these small trees grow slowly and don't usually grow much bigger than six to ten feet, they are never the less, beautiful show stoppers.

Whether a Japanese Maple Tree is planted alone in a back garden, next to a water feature, or next to the patio, it will always be a beautiful feature that you'll never grow tired of looking at. 

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4 Great Ways To Light Your Outdoor Steps and Stairways

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting |

In the dark, something as simple as walking can pose a serious hazard. This goes doubly so for walking up and down stairways. Adding light to your back patio's door step, or your balconies descending staircase, will enable you to more safely tread an otherwise risky evening venture.

Safety is important, but light does more than illuminate dangers. When done right, light can create a charming atmosphere. Bringing that extra element of aesthetic pleasure, light doesn't merely show us where we are going, it creates an entry. 

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Interview with Ty Brewer, "Can it Get Any Better?!?" with Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

Topics: Landscape Lighting |

"I must say, you are a true professional. Thank you so much for the thoughtful approach you've taken in lighting our yard. You're the best contractor we've worked with, hands down. You know what you're doing, you do what you say you'll do and you beat expectations. Can it get any better?!? Thank you!"

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