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Landscape Lighting: A Simple Way to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

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During the daylight hours, it is easy to show off all of the hard work you have put in to creating a beautiful home. From the landscape to the architecture of the home, it all comes together as one to create this visually appealing look upon arrival. Unfortunately, all the beauty that you put into your curb appeal cannot be appreciated at night. This is such a shame for those passing by or guests coming to visit for dinner. A simple and effective way to increase your curb appeal in the dark is to add landscape lighting to your property!

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Downlighting & Uplighting: When to Use Each Landscape Lighting Technique

Topics: Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting |

Landscape lighting is meant to enhance and beautify your property. It should create a space that draws you out after dark. The goal we have when lighting a landscape is to bridge the gap between an indoor living room and an outdoor living room. We want you to want to out in your outdoor living spaces and enjoy them even after the sun goes down. 

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5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Landscape Lighting System

Topics: LED Lighting | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting |

Investing money in an outdoor lighting system is something that can go very well or very wrong. There are so many different fixtures, techniques, and options when it comes to lighting systems. How do you know what way to go? What fixtures to use? Where to put the lights? While there is never a full-proof way to avoid a light going out or a fixture being broken, there are many ways to create an extremely well built and thought out lighting system that is designed with your needs in mind, upholds against the elements of the outdoors, and last for years to come. 

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Solar vs Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems - The Pros and Cons

Topics: Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Solar Landscape Lighting |

Landscape lighting comes in a whole variety of options. Whether your system comes from a professional or you install it yourself, they all come with pros and cons. 

In this blog we are going to compare the pros and cons of two of landscaping lighting’s most popular choices, solar and low voltage lighting systems.

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3 Outdoor Lighting System Upgrades: Make it Customizable & Hassle-Free

Topics: Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting |

Are you still manually resetting your low-voltage outdoor lighting timer to work with the change in season? Are you wishing there was a way to dim your lights, or control the whole system on your smart phone? Well you’ve come to the right place! 

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Tree Lighting Techniques: Ideas for Making Your Trees Look Spectacular

Topics: Down Lights | Hiring a Lighting Professional | Landscape Lighting Design

Tree lighting can add beauty and elegance to your outdoor space. However, beautiful tree lighting can be challenging to get right. Tree lighting can be involved and require a little finesse. In this post, we discuss some basic concepts to help make your outdoor tree lighting look spectacular.

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Our 3 Favorite Pathway Lighting Techniques for Residences

Topics: Down Lights | Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design

There are so many reasons why we want our pathways lit. In this post, we look at a few path lighting techniques that can help make your home a safer place to walk around at night.

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Our Favorite String Lights for a Beautiful Back Patio

Topics: Landscape Design | Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Fixtures

String lights can make all the difference for a night out on the patio with friends and family. In this post, we discuss string lights and our favorite ways they can be used in your outdoor space.

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Make Your Outdoor Patio Complete with Top 5 Patio Lighting Techniques

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design | Lighting Project

During the warmer months, our outdoor patio space becomes an extension of our living room. This is why so many of us look for creative ways to extend that enjoyment into the evening with outdoor lighting. In this post, we discuss our 5 favorite patio lighting techniques.

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Dark Sky Ordinance: Promontory, Glenwild, & Park City Outdoor Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Fixtures | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Lighting your property requires finesse. Especially when it comes to dark sky friendly lighting in Park City, Utah.

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