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Outdoor Wedding Lighting Mistakes to Avoid: Make it a Magical Evening

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He popped the question and the ring is on! Now what? 

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Is Landscape Lighting Worth the Money?

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Starting any home project can feel risky. You never know how it will turn out, if you will like the results, but most importantly, if it will be worth the time and money spent in completing the project. This is true with a landscape lighting project as well. 

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Landscape Lighting: A Simple Way to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

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During the daylight hours, it is easy to show off all of the hard work you have put in to creating a beautiful home. From the landscape to the architecture of the home, it all comes together as one to create this visually appealing look upon arrival. Unfortunately, all the beauty that you put into your curb appeal cannot be appreciated at night. This is such a shame for those passing by or guests coming to visit for dinner. A simple and effective way to increase your curb appeal in the dark is to add landscape lighting to your property!

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Downlighting & Uplighting: When to Use Each Landscape Lighting Technique

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Landscape lighting is meant to enhance and beautify your property. It should create a space that draws you out after dark. The goal we have when lighting a landscape is to bridge the gap between an indoor living room and an outdoor living room. We want you to want to out in your outdoor living spaces and enjoy them even after the sun goes down. 

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Top 7 Lighting Ideas for your Backyard this Summer!

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When the nice weather hits, outdoor living spaces become more and more utilized. The outdoor kitchen is being used, the pool is open, and the fire pit is burning. The swimming and barbecuing shouldn't need to stop after the sun goes down. Installing backyard lighting is a great way to not only extend the hours in your outdoor living space, but also enhances the ambiance and safety of your backyard. 

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4 Unexpected Areas to Add Landscape Lighting

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There are so many areas landscape lighting can enhance and bring life to a property. The most common areas include places like walkways, stairs, entrances, driveways, and all the different types of landscaping around the property. 

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Lighting Must Haves for Your Pool Area Before Opening Day

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Opening day for your pool is an exciting one. It means summer and warm weather has finally arrived. Gathering with friends and family to enjoy the warm days and nights around the pool is something we all can look forward to.

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