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Illuminate your Outdoor Fire Pit with Landscape Lighting

Topics: Bistro Lights | Down Lights | Fire Pit Lighting

With the chilly evenings, you might be spending more time gathered around the comfort of your outdoor fire pit. As these warm fire pits are often used only at night, let's talk about some ways we can increase their charm to ensure safer use by sharing some outdoor fire pit lighting ideas. 

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Different Elements to Consider when Lighting Your Home

Topics: Down Lights | Landscape Lighting | Path Lights

Utilizing the right outdoor lighting can increase the look of both your home and outdoor space. Using different lighting techniques to create the desired effects and perform best for that purpose is the key to success. Lighting experts will help guide you in choosing the right outdoor lighting for your home and property. They can offer options as to which of the numerous types of lighting may work best for you and help you visualize how your property will look once lit. At Landscape Lighting Pro we've come up with a guide to follow as an overview of different outdoor lighting techniques available. 

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Safety is Essential: Keep Guests Safe with Pathway and Step Lighting

Topics: Path Lights |

When approaching your home the main points to illuminate are the front entrance and the pathway leading to your home. With a well-lit front entryway and pathway, it allows homeowners to see who is coming and going, as well as aid guests approaching and leaving your property. Outdoor lighting placements must be strategic as some spots are a must, while others become optional. The good news is there are limitless options. 

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4 Ways to Light your Outdoor Paths

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Path Lights |

There are a multitude of reasons to light the pathways around a property. We do it to boost curb appeal, to highlight where the entrances are located, but mostly for the ease and safety when traversing the property after dark. There is a sense of relief when knowing that both you, your family, and your guests know exactly where they are going. The worry of someone tripping and falling is lessened and there is a comfort knowing everyone can see where they are walking. 

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Path Light Installation: Where and How to Place Them

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Path Lights |

Path lights are one of the most common landscape lighting fixtures. They are often what we think of first when even thinking about landscape lighting. Path lights are very versatile and can be used in many areas of the property to bring function and beauty. One of the most difficult things with path lights (aside from the wiring) is where to place the fixture! 

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Introducing Our New Path Lights: Modernizing Landscape Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Path Lights |

Landscape Lighting Pro has brand new path lights! For quite some time now, we have been working on designing and developing a path light specific for Landscape Lighting Pro and our clients. They are finally here and ready to be introduced to you!

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Our 3 Favorite Pathway Lighting Techniques for Residences

Topics: Down Lights | Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design

There are so many reasons why we want our pathways lit. In this post, we look at a few path lighting techniques that can help make your home a safer place to walk around at night.

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Path Light Designs and Styles for Traditional, Modern and Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Path Lights |

With so many options available, choosing the right path light can be challenging. Considering the style, material, and construction of a path light can help make this decision a simple process.

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