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3 Patio Lighting Tips for Beginners [Free Design Guide Download]

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Successfully lighting your patio space can be tricky. You want your lighting to make your back patio look and feel like an extension of your indoor space. Not sure where you need lighting or where to focus your attention? There are three lighting elements you should really try to incorporate: functional lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting.

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4 Ways to Light your Deck & Patio: The Perfect Entertainment Spot

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Our decks have turned into outdoor living rooms. They have amazing seating areas, places to eat, and are the perfect spot for entertaining. Adding lights around your deck and railings brings safety and functionality to your outdoor space. 

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Our Favorite String Lights for a Beautiful Back Patio

Topics: Landscape Design | Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Fixtures

String lights can make all the difference for a night out on the patio with friends and family. In this post, we discuss string lights and our favorite ways they can be used in your outdoor space.

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Make Your Outdoor Patio Complete with Top 5 Patio Lighting Techniques

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design | Lighting Project

During the warmer months, our outdoor patio space becomes an extension of our living room. This is why so many of us look for creative ways to extend that enjoyment into the evening with outdoor lighting. In this post, we discuss our 5 favorite patio lighting techniques.

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