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Troubleshooting Tips For When Landscape Lights Stop Working

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape lights are wonderful, that is, until they stop working. Attempting to troubleshoot the reason why your lighting system's inexplicably stopped working can be a challenge if you're not sure where to start. 

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5 Things I Learned As a Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Tech That Utah Home Owners Need to Know

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I spent my first couple of years at Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah as a Lighting Technician, and then as a Crew Leader. I've worked on countless low voltage landscape lighting installation projects that required careful planning and a lot of technical skill. Fortunately for you, the reader, this blog isn't about bombarding you with trivial information concerning voltage drops, kelvin temperatures, and lumen outputs. I'm simply offering up 5 simple things I learned as a tech that can help you trouble shoot your low voltage lighting system if the lights aren't coming on. 

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