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Different Elements to Consider when Lighting Your Home

Topics: Down Lights | Landscape Lighting | Path Lights

Utilizing the right outdoor lighting can increase the look of both your home and outdoor space. Using different lighting techniques to create the desired effects and perform best for that purpose is the key to success. Lighting experts will help guide you in choosing the right outdoor lighting for your home and property. They can offer options as to which of the numerous types of lighting may work best for you and help you visualize how your property will look once lit. At Landscape Lighting Pro we've come up with a guide to follow as an overview of different outdoor lighting techniques available. 

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Why Light My Property With Landscape Lighting

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You've likely spent countless hours planning and designing the features of your yard all to showcase your home. From yard design and plantings to specific accents used to give that special touch and make your house your home. In most cases, this has been done during the day with an emphasis on how it looks in bright light. But, have you considered how it might look when the sun sets?

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Professional Landscape Lighting on a Budget

Topics: Down Lights | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting

Are you considering adding Landscape Lighting to your home, but you're not sure where to start or what to expect budget-wise? While it can be intimidating, let's go over a few simple things to take into consideration when budgeting for a Outdoor Landscape Lighting system. 

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Home Security: How Landscape Lighting Can Add a Layer of Defense

Topics: Rings of Security | Security Lighting |

When landscape lighting is installed correctly, all the lit elements should come together as a whole to create a ring of security around your property. The lighting allows you to have more visual control over your property from inside the house. When it extends to the very back parts of your property, it eliminates those dark pockets where an intruder can hide or lurk. It also acts as a deterrent because lighting poses as a threat to an intruder. 

This blog highlights the many ways landscape lighting can add an extra layer of security to your home at night. 

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4 Lighting Ideas for the Most Inviting Home on the Block

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Security Lighting |

A warm and inviting home is something most homeowners strive to create. From the overall look of the home, to the landscaping, we work hard to make sure the curb appeal is one that impresses not only ourselves, but the neighbors and guests as well. At night however, curb appeal can be lost due to the face all these amazing elements aren't able to be seen. Outdoor lighting is a simple and effective way to keep that warm and inviting feeling to your home even at night! 

Here are 4 greats ways to create the most inviting home on the block through landscape lighting! 

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Project Highlight: Bringing Security and Curb Appeal to a Salt Lake Home

Topics: Outdoor Lighting | Security Lighting |

Landscape lighting is the perfect way to enhance the curb appeal to any home. On this particular project it was especially true due to the fact that we were able to highlight all the beauty the home had to offer. From the architecture to the landscaping to the outdoor living space, we were able to accentuate all the beauty this property had to offer. 

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