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Are Soffit Lights the Best Option to Light your Home?

Topics: Recessed Soffit Lights | Soffit Lights |

Exterior lights are a very common and popular way to enhance your home after dark. When you light the architecture of your home, it inevitably increases the curb appeal and safety at night. The lighting creates this warm and welcoming feel to the front of your home.

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Desert Landscape Lighting for your St. George Home

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design | Lighting Project

If you're used to desert living, then you know the cooler evening temperatures are always a welcome relief. After the blistering heat of the day disappears with the setting sun, we get to enjoy time out on the patio or next to the pool with friends and family.

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Recessed Soffit Lights: Why Up Lighting is The Better Alternative

Topics: Lighting Design | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Lumen Output

For many, exterior soffit lights have become a popular way to lite a home's architecture. In this post, we discuss the alternative ways to have a beautifully lit home. 

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