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Tips and Tricks for Tree Accent Lighting

Topics: Down Lights | Landscape Design | Tree Lighting

When it comes to planning your outdoor lighting for your home, you should contemplate every feature of your property. The first step is making sure the light is properly balanced across your yard. This means you need to consider both the lighting of your home and your yard. One of the biggest challenges is finding the ideal parts of your landscape to spotlight. An item often overlooked is distinctive trees in your yard. There are a number of ways to light up trees and elements to consider when choosing what is best for you. With the help of Landscape Lighting Pro, we have come up with some great tips. 

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Different Elements to Consider when Lighting Your Home

Topics: Down Lights | Landscape Lighting | Path Lights

Utilizing the right outdoor lighting can increase the look of both your home and outdoor space. Using different lighting techniques to create the desired effects and perform best for that purpose is the key to success. Lighting experts will help guide you in choosing the right outdoor lighting for your home and property. They can offer options as to which of the numerous types of lighting may work best for you and help you visualize how your property will look once lit. At Landscape Lighting Pro we've come up with a guide to follow as an overview of different outdoor lighting techniques available. 

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Professional Landscape Lighting on a Budget

Topics: Down Lights | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting

Are you considering adding Landscape Lighting to your home, but you're not sure where to start or what to expect budget-wise? While it can be intimidating, let's go over a few simple things to take into consideration when budgeting for a Outdoor Landscape Lighting system. 

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How to Incorporate Wash Lighting into your Landscape Lighting Design

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Fixtures | Outdoor Lighting

Think of Wash Lighting as a technique that enhances the overall visual appeal of your Landscape. Wash Lighting isn't intended to make your Landscape brighter or be the main focal point. Instead, it is designed in a way that allows you to utilize your Landscape to create a cohesive feeling that will bring your entire Lighting design together. 

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Tips For Tree Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Fixtures | Outdoor Lighting

Adding tree lighting to your Landscape Lighting design can add beauty & elegance to your outdoor scenery. There are different techniques & approaches that can be implemented. Great tree lighting requires an artistic vision for what you want to see and experience at night.

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Moonlighting - what is it and why you need it?

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Fixtures | Outdoor Lighting

Nothing beats a warm evening where your surroundings are lit by moonlight. Depending on the weather conditions and cloud cover, as well as the landscape of your home, the moonlight can be hidden from sight. 

By incorporating the Moonlighting technique to your Landscape Lighting System you'll be able to enjoy the same beautiful effect you get from natural moonlight. 

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Dark Sky Ordinance: Promontory, Glenwild, & Park City Outdoor Lighting

Topics: Landscape Lighting Design | Landscape Lighting Fixtures | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Lighting your property requires finesse. Especially when it comes to dark sky friendly lighting in Park City, Utah.

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The Best Floodlight Techniques to Light Your Home or Property

Topics: Landscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Design | Lighting Design

What exactly is flood lighting and how can it be used to improve your home's curb appeal?

First off, flood lighting might not be the best term to convey the lighting effect this technique is meant to create. The phrase "flood lighting" puts us in mind of an over powered bright light, atop a post, washing light over everything.

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Recessed Soffit Lights: Why Up Lighting is The Better Alternative

Topics: Lighting Design | Low Voltage Landscape Lighting | Lumen Output

For many, exterior soffit lights have become a popular way to lite a home's architecture. In this post, we discuss the alternative ways to have a beautifully lit home. 

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