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Accent Lighting- Fire Pit Features

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Sitting Wall Lighting is one way to accent your Fire Pit feature in your landscaped yard.  This light fixture is installed under the sitting edge of the stone wall as well as surrounding wall ledges in the weenie roasting area.  This lighting is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes as well as it addresses safety issues especially at night while the fire pit is active.  The pathways approaching and departing the fire pit area should also be well lit for the guests and your family approaching the fire safely.  Soft Moonlighting or down lighting if you will from your established trees can  also enhance the fire pit area, but they do not overpower the feature while being used.

Down Lighting may be designed to be a secondary light source which can be simply controlled on or off when desired.  Here you can turn on these soft overhead lights while guests are present and enjoying your outdoor  area.  Those evenings when the marshmallow roaster is not in use, the down lights can be either turned off or reduced by turning down these lights so the area is visible but not featured.  The moon lighting can be installed in near-by trees, pergolas and even your homes roof eves.

All in all, the fire feature creates an area on your property that simulates camp fires in the wilderness where the down lighting is the Moon Light that Mother Nature offers.  This pleasurable experience for us stimulates the memories and motivates a home owner to add the fire  feature to their landscape plans.  It can be a great conversational area similar to your deck and pergola features. 

Where are the marshmallows!

Lets get those marshmallows ready!

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