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What is Professional Landscape Lighting?

People seem to have a lot of questions about professional landscape lighting. If you're considering low voltage lighting for your home or property, it's important that you understand what makes a professional lighting company and why you shouldn't trust your lighting to just anyone. 

A company providing professional landscape lighting specializes in what they do. For these companies, outdoor lighting is their only focus. They don't mess around. Dedicated lighting design build companies are devoted to their trade and approach lighting design in an artistic fashion. 

While it's true that there are contractors/jack-of-all-trades who offer lighting when people inquire about it, what they actually offer is very different from what a dedicated landscape lighting company provides. 

Here are some of the problems with trusting your lighting project with a company or a jack-of-all-trades who are not dedicated to outdoor lighting:

  • They only offer lighting because it's a way for them to supplement their income. These guys do it for the paycheck, not because it is something they are passionate about and proud to stand behind. 
  • They won't be around later to take care of your lighting system if a problem comes up. 
  • They cannot ensure that your lighting system will continue working for years to come.
  • They have very little, if any, concept of lighting design. 
  • They place fixtures where they are easy to install, not where they should actually go. 
  • They will more often then not sell you more lights then your property actually needs.
  • Having not installed very many lighting systems (if any) your home becomes their experiment. The mistakes they make from inexperience become your burden to bare. 
  • They may cut corners to save on costs and decrease their overhead. 

Having been in business & dedicated to only  lighting for more than fifteen years, we have seen it all. We are often brought in to replace broken down systems that are beyond repair. These systems are consistently installed by people who are strangers to outdoor lighting and only offer it to supplement their income. 


There are certain things you should expect from professional landscape lighting: 

  •  To converse with a team who is dedicated, passionate, and proud to stand behind every lighting system they create. 
  • To be provided with an understanding of how your system operates and to understand what warranties are offered. 
  • A feeling of certainty in knowing you chose a professional. 
  • To know that they will be around to address any concerns you may have down the road. 
  • To have a custom lighting design tailored to accentuate the beauty of your home and landscape. 
  • Quality fixtures built from durable materials and superior engineering. 
  • Assurance in knowing that you made the right decision by hiring a team of knowledgeable professionals. 

Professional lighting companies and the jack-of-all-trades are different because of what they each deliver their clients. 

Time has revealed how we have repeatedly replaced and redesigned countless lighting systems for clients who had their original outdoor lighting system installed by someone who was not a specialist. 

The truth is that the jack-of-all-trades will typically end up providing the professionals with a lot of business. We come in after the non-professional can't be reached or found by the client to come back and repair their broken system. We are brought in to provide clients quality systems that are professionally engineered and built to last. 

The way we see it, the tragedy is that our clients usually just didn't know the difference between a professionally created lighting system and one that was sub par. They unfortunately have to go through a lot of unneeded frustration and problems with a failing system before they seek out a professional to outfit them with something truly worthwhile. 

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