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What Is The Cost For Landscape Lighting Design & Installation?

Just how much does it cost to have low voltage landscape lighting installed? When we get asked this question, it  can sometimes feel like we are the Tootsie Pop's mascot, Mr. Owl, being asked, "How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" Well it all depends, there are so many variables affecting the price, just like there are with getting to the center of the Tootsie Pop. Like every custom build design installation industry, the cost can change depending on a great number of things.


The cost for landscape lighting can range from $1,500.00 to $20,000.00, and can even go beyond that depending on the scale of the project. It all depends on what you are looking  to create. When we design, we like to break it up into different scenes. For example, a moon lit patio area with accents on the surrounding trees, would be considered one scene. It will take a number of lights to create each individual scene. The cost for each scene will largely depend on how extensive it is. 

Here are a few examples of how different scenes might appear on a bid: 

  • Scene 1) Front Landscape...
  • Scene 2) Front Architectural...
  • Scene 3) Back Landscape...
  • Scene 4) Patio/Pergola...
  • Scene 5) Stairs & Pathway...
  • Scene 6) Tree Accents...
  • Scene 7) Waterfall Accents...
  • Scene 8) Pool Lighting...

As you can see, a lighting system can become quite involved. The extent of your lighting, is of course, the biggest price factor. How extensive is the project? What scenes are we trying to create? How many scenes are we choosing to capture?

Do you want simple up lit trees and lit paths, or do you want something more involved? Patio/Pergola, Stairs, Waterfalls, Outdoor Kitchens, Bistro Lighting, Pools, etc., are all scenes in and of themselves. Like any project, you can continue adding to the design to enhance and create an overall balanced effect. 

Here are a few examples that might help give you an idea for what it might cost to illuminate one scene. 

A 12 x 16 Pergola starts at around $1,800.00

Deck lighting starts around $1,500.00

Perimeter Pool lighting starts around $2,500.00


Materials We Use:

Something that  can affect price is the cost of raw materials. Copper, for example, is one of the primary materials used in the construction of our fixtures. In addition, all of the cable powering everything is copper as well. When the price of copper goes up, this can affect how we have to adjust our pricing. 

Why use copper fixtures if it will affect the price? We use copper and brass fixtures because they have proven to stand up and perform better than almost everything else on the market. We use high end fixtures that have been engineered to the quality required for a system to last a lifetime. 

Our LED lamps are built to our specifications. We don't use the same lamp in every single fixture. Everything in your landscape requires a different lighting approach. Lumen output and beam spreads are an important part of the design. Lamps should never be used as a one size fits all. 

We only use water tight shrink connections in our engineering. Wire connections are the weakest link in any lighting system. You need a connection that will be full proof. 

Our fixtures and wiring come with a lifetime warranty. If anything should ever fail we'll fix or replace it.


Additional Considerations:

  • How far cable has to be run (a 600 foot run for one light would be an extreme example, but something like this would affect the price of that fixture. 
  • Custom drilling and cutting can affect the price. 
  • Running conduit can also effect the price significantly. 

There are many different considerations that contribute to different costs when lighting your landscape and outdoor living space. 

The Cost of Installing an Outdoor Landscape Lighting System:

There are a lot of factors involved in the lighting design of each home, landscape, and outdoor living space. Sharpening up a price point typically requires a visit to the job site. 

But to help give you an idea, each fixture can cost anywhere from $250.00 to $340.00 dollars, depending on what is involved with the installation, type of fixture, etc. Some fixture styles can cost substantially more. 

There is a lot involved with putting together a quality engineered lighting system that's built to last a lifetime. If you are looking to have a  professional install your lighting, be scrutinizing. If someone offers you a lighting system that will cost you considerably less than that of a high quality system, there is a good reason why: that system will very likely fail. 


There are a lot of contractors out there who use lighting to supplement their income. Typically, they aren't highly trained or knowledgeable about how to engineer lighting systems: they really only put a few in each year to make a few extra bucks. They offer you a low price, so they have to find an inexpensive aluminum or composite fixture to reduce their overhead. Inadequate wire connections, chintzy fixtures, and an installer who isn't skilled or knowledgeable about the trade, is a recipe for disaster. 

It sounds strange, but don't be afraid to ask yourself why the price they are quoting is so low. When the system begins to fail, chances are, that person won't be around, or even want, to fix it. If you are looking for a deal with a low price, be ready to also have low expectations. 

If you would like to know how much it will cost to install your outdoor landscape lighting system give us a call at (801) 440-7647 to schedule a free consultation, or feel free to simply fill out a contact form on our website, www.utahlights.com

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